Chapter 40 - Stand up

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I don't know what to do, laying in bed ain't gonna resolve things. I havnt been out for like I don't know...I'm actually so tender and I feel drained out..

Michael is morning Showered me, but now he's gone out to his work and whatever. Janet is here helping me out and you know just comforting me.

'Well that gives you guys an opportunity to you know..bang again..' I laughed and she laughed too

"Yeh we will... But you know not straight away...since you said that hmm first time or second time I meet you, you said you banged" I questioned and laughed.

'Oh yehh...I remember that...well was first sex with him'

"Well are you guys still going out?"

'Yeh sure, all I need is him to meet the family and see what the family thinks about him'

"Well I hope I'll be here with Michael when he comes over" I said resting on my pillow with comfort"

'yeh, anyways when you think you'll recover by?'

"Idunno.. I still...I still feel a little week you know.." I said she rubbed my shoulder.

"But you know you only live once I'm coming out of this bed" I said.

As I made my way out of bed I could feel the strain... I have to make the most out of it.

'Doing alright?' Janet said helping me.

"Yup" I said standing on my 2 feet firmly and finally.


Sorry short chapter! Just wanted tobsay created a book and I would like you guys to read it! Check out on my wall or what ever it's called My new school mate. It's obviously based on Michael and there is gonna be alot of romance!

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