Chapter 8 - Confession

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All things was running through my mind....Mr Jackson likes me? Since when? I never knew? I think we both have feelings for eachother. Or what is it if he doesn't like me?

Anyways it's our first day I'm Disney Land and I don't want to ruin it with thoughts running through my head every minute.

Adam and I walk down the hallway to go to the restaurant bit so we can all chat to our teachers on the plan today.

While we was waiting in the restaurant and I was sitting on Adams lap and the girls where on our table.

Courtney kept making eye contact with Adam which I thought was really cute. But as soon as I thought cute Mr Jackson walked in looking hella sexy..!!

'Oh my days, guys look at Mr Jackson!! He's looking SEXY' One of the girls said giggling.

"Yeh he sure is" I mumbled to myself. Why are other girls looking at Mr Jackson! He's mine! We nearly kissed! So that makes him mine!

Hold on..was this jealously that was kicking in?

But seriously ngl Mr Michael Jackson was sexy.... he was wearing some shades and his hair was all curled up and ahh he was just looking sexy!

'Okay kids morning morning!' Might be wierd thinking that we are sleeping by a different time I'm America compared from London' Ms Toll began her speech. The teachers were laughing...

"What's so funny?" I asked and Adam laughed.

'Its there own little dead banter' He replied.

'So today you must be happy we are gonna go on some rides and things. Then we will meet back here around 5pm. After that we will borrow one of the rooms and watch a film at 6pm. Then you may be free to go swimming or just stay in the rooms' She said.

'Any question's?' Mr Clefed asked.

"Well erm what film are we watching?" I asked curious.

'Well we don't know yet, we will pick out of a selection of dvd's' Ms Toll said. I nodded my head.

She looked around the room and there was no more questions?

'Oh yes I forgot to say we will be fitting dinner into that!' She said laughing at Mr Jackson... great why is she touching him like that?

'Okay so of you go now and get whatever you want then come back down in 5 minutes' She said. We all got up and Adam and I held hand and ran up to our room.

'Charlie... can I ask you something?' Adam said looking at me.

"Sure what's up?" I said listening.

'Well im planning I kiss Courtney and then when watching the film we will sit together' He said I nodded my head.

"Okay right sure you go ahead" I said getting my little sling bag.

'But I want to french kiss her and I'm scared'

"Boy? What are you scared of? You frenched kissed me so you do it to her how you did it to me!" I said and he laughed.

'Well im gonna kiss her straight away' He said I smiled at him

'Anyways you get sexy for Mr Jackson'  Adam said I laughed and we went out


The rides where really fun you know, yes yes yes! Riding Mr Jackson's manhood....I'M JOKING. But seriously I went on the rides with Adam and the girls and funny enough I went on a scary ride with Mr Jackson and we held hands all the way.

So right now we are here to watch a movie...Adam went straight to sit with Courtney.... the girls where up front and I HATE the front seat when watching films.

I looked around and saw Mr Jackson sitting around the back. He smiled at me and well I followed my heart and sat next to him.

'Hey Charlie... you alright?' He asked giving me a hug secretly so no body can see

"Yes I'm fine...well I just wanted to say sorry for leaving the other day" I said looking down at my fingers...I could feel him stare right at me and I looked over at him..yes I was right he was looking at me like I'm some television.

'Its fine know..' He said trailing of..

"What?" I asked.

'I.... know...I did that because..'

"You like me more than a student?" I just said out....I was pretty surprised I blurted that out.

I looked at him and he had a mixture of emotions on his face.

The lights went out and the movie started.

"Well Michael you gonna answer me or not?" I said he still didn't answer.. okay I'm moving then..

I got up and moved. until I felt Michael grab my arm

'No I'm sorry come here' He said really softly...but his voice sounded so deep and sexy.

I sat back next to him and he let go of my arm.

"So Sir you gonna answer me?" I asked while looking at everyone watching the movie while me and Mr Jackson are chatting away in the back haha.


"Yes to what?" I asked looking at him.

'Charlie.. I really like's hard to believe cause I'm a teacher' He said looking reliefed.

"How long have you liked me?" I asked.

'Since you came back' He said looking at me. I smiled.

'Well this might be a silly thing to ask but do you like me back?' He asked looking at the movie

'SHHHH' Adam said and I stuck my tongue out at him.

"Yes Michael...haven't you seen...I've been trying to flirt with you?" I said whispering. He smiled.

'I mean this you know' He said looking at me seriously.

I touched his leg and slapped it "I wish I had that kiss with you" I said and he smiled.

He placed his hand on my thigh and started to rub it.

"No sex with people could get fired Sir" I said and he laughed quietly.

'Charlie I want you so bad' He said looking like a beg...aww maan... he's cute

I leaned forward and so did he. Our lips where about to meet but then....

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