Chapter 35 - What a day

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Michael's POV

Well today I'm off to see Tatianna for my therapy session and then off to record my first songs..even paparazzi has started off, my name all around the world saying Michael Jackson is back in town!

Thank God my parents lended me a car!

'Hi Michael take a seat' Tatianna said, I tried so hard not to look at her booty swaying but I can't help it if I wanted to (oh I love this song guys it's my favourite Michael Jackson song EVER!)

'How was your journey with your girlfriend?' She asked.

"It was good, we both slept on the plane it was a nice journey" her facial expressions changed..


'Aint you Michael Jackson? You was in Jackson 5 now everyone is going around saying your back and your going solo?!' I nodded.

'How did I not notice before when we was in London?! I'm working with Michael Jackson!' I laughed

'You girlfriend must be pretty pleased and she's blessed she's got someone like you!' She winked.

"Yeh" I said.

'Well anyways let's carry on, so your stressing over your girlfriend being young pregnant and how everything is working out?' I nodded

'So why didn't you use a condom then?'

"I didn't really think at that moment of time.."

'Did you have any condoms?' I nodded.

"Yes I did...but as I said I didn't really think you know it was too fun" She sighed.

'why does every boy say that?! Tell me'

I laughed.

"It's true though" She shrugged.

'Anyways I want to try something okay?'

She stood up and I followed her,

'Sit on this bean bag, feel comfortable right?'

I said down and it was very low since I'm a tall I've got to stretch up my legs.

'Okay close your eyes and imagen yourself as the famous singer and your girlfriend beside you...your in the nicest place on earth... Hot sun.....

Tatianna POV

As I was doing my favourite session with my client Michael where you've got to imagen what the future will be like.

He opened his eyes.

"So tell me what did you imagen in the future with your girlfriend? And then the bad side of you leaving your girlfriend and your baby"

He looked puzzled and he looked like he wanted to cry...

'Well good Michael was loving and caring...we had more children' He started laughing I laughed too

'And bad Michael left Charlie alone and she was struggling cause she's a young girl'

"So which one do you want to be?"

'Good Michael!' He said I laughed.

"Well then be the good Michael and when ever you feel pissed of or stressed, rembered good Michael" He nodded and played with his fingers like a little boy.

'Do you love Charlie?' He looked up at me....his eyes are really nice I won't lie, if I was in Charlie's position I would appreciate every moment.

'Yes I do live her dearly, even we went over to my family yesterday and they love her to bits, my mom couldn't stop going on over her'

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