Chapter 5 - Dinner

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I was hanging out with Adam as we was in lunch again but he was showing me some girl that he's recently thought that's good looking...what happened to me?

'Im sorry Charlie' He said hugging me...

"Did I think out loud again?" I asked He nodded his head and laughed. I lent on his lap and went on my phone looking on instagram.

"OH MY GOD!!!!" I said and laughed out loud.

'Whats so funny' Adam asked even laughing himself. I showed him the picture and he started laughing. His laugh was cute I'm not gonna lie.

'Hello sorry to interrupt, but there's a school trip and we are inviting only our year and some of the year below'

"Oh kool where we going?" I asked taking the sheet.

'America' She said

"omg!!  I've always wanted to go there"

'Which teachers are going' Adam asked.

'Mr Jackson, Miss Toll, Ms Anderson, Mr clef, & 2 more but I forgot' Yess Michael's coming!

"Alright thank you very much i know I'll be coming" I said as I gave a sheet to Adam and he took it.

The girls left and Adam and I got up.

'You going?' He asked I nodded while walking down the hall with him

"Yes I know for sure my parents will pay because they've got a divorce" I say.

'Okay well I'm going Maths tutoring with this sexy lady!! Text you later char' He said and I laughed and walked into Michaels room.

"Yaaay your going on the trip?" I said to Michael as he looked up at me.

'I sure am Char!! You going?' He asked and I nodded my head away. He smiled.

"Can I ask you something Sir?" I said

'Go on' He said putting his hands in his pockets.

"You see Adam and I? If he kissed you think he likes me more than a friend?" His faced looked puzzled..

'Yes of course...unless it didn't mean anything?' He said

"" I said smiling...He smiled

'He likes you doesn't he?' I nodded

"Well use too...he found dome girl he's been liking.."

'Well I won't blame him...your a beautiful young girl....' He said smiling. I think by this time I was blushing hard than ever!

"Thanks Sir" He winked at me... then people started coming in the class room..


For the whole lesson I couldn't concentrate. What Michael said kept repeating over and over in my head. He looked over at me and I looked back not even noticing I wad biting my lip and licking it.

"Sorry" I mouthed and he smiled and mouthed back 'okay'. Even though he looked away I was still staring at him and that! It looks God damn tasty.

So the lesson was over and I told Adam to wait for me outside so he can drive me home.

"Sir I'll see you tomorrow then" I said making my way out without any eye contact

'Okay where's my hug Charlie?' I froze and walked backwards and turnt to face him to give a hug.

'Thanks, I'll see you tomorrow, and remember to hand in your slip for the trip!' I nod and I think...why does he care if I come or not?? Anyways I make my way to Adams car.

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