Chapter 15 - Catch up

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I don't know what to think about now, I really love Michael and he's just know? But on the other hand he's cheating on me with Ms Toll?

'Snap out your thoughts...ain't you going school today?' My mom asked. I shook my head and made my way to the fridge.

'Why not darling?' She said looking at me rubbing my back.

"I think...I'm coming down with a cold" I say she crosser her arms.

'Well that's not a good excuse! You need to get your education right first time' My mom said picking my little sister up.

"Well I don't care I'm simply not going" My mom puffed and put my little sister in the car seat.

'Well okay...I'm not pleased with you' My mom said she walked out the house and shut the door.

I watched her as she put my little sister in the car and she went in and drove of to drop her to the little day care thing.

I looked up at the clock. By this time school would be starting. What am I going to do today anyways? I asked myself.

I ran up and put some clothes on and today I decided to just be in touch with some old school friends. I ran back down to the living room and switched the television on seeing the news.

I could hear what was on TV but I didn't really concentrate on what was going on. The first person I contacted was my first friend up too year 6, her names Emma. She was same race as me mixed but she was way taller than me, I'm only 5'2 and she was 5'7 and what I love about Michael too is that he's waaay taller than me too! Hes like 6'1 or something.

'Hello?' Emma said unsure who it was.

"Emma don't you remember me?" I said laughing

'Ermmm noo.... BUT your voice sounds really familiar...' She said I laughed.

"It's Charlie...old time friend?" I said and she laughed.

'Charlie!! Oh my gosh I was just thinking about you!' She said laughing

"Well I just wanted to know how you doing girl" I said she giggled.

'Well im fine thanks, I didn't really wanna go school today...parents are on a work trip'

"Oh well you can come round, I ain't at school too"

'Oh okay, you still live in that fairly big house?'


'Okay well I'm leaving now'

"Okay see you later" I said

'Bye hun' I hanged up and went upstairs quickly and checked myself out.


The doorbell rang I ran down and saw Emma, I gave her a big hug before she could even enter in!

"Oh Emma, come in" I said

'How you been girl?' She took her shoes of and came over to the living room and sat down.

"I've been good lately, came back from Florida" I said brushing my hair back. She giggled

'Thats nice! Well I've been good but I just couldn't really be bothered to go school today'

"Well's it been?" I asked.

'Its okay..I've lately been accused of stealing someone's boyfriend' She simply rolled her eyes.

"Oh that sucks, give me more information"

'Well it was true, but I don't see how it's my was the boys fault who cheated on her over me' She said I nodded my head.

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