Chapter 27 - Short day

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Michael's POV

"Iknow Jer, you'll love her..I mean real thing is I hope dad won' know..hate her cause she's young and..."

'Maybe bro, maybe not I'm sure dad will kind of understand cause he went out with mom at am early age?'

"That's true bro, but you know I'm gonna surprise her for her 17th and we're gonna come round to Cali baby!" I said laughing and Jermaine was too.

'Okay well I'm really tired, it's like 3am over here I've been up sorting some things out' He yawned.

"Okay yeh sure anyways I'm at work so I'll catch up to you later bro"

'Alright see ya'

"Bye" I hanged up and set my phone on my desk.

I mean I miss my family and it took alot to come over here to London, I really loved teaching kids but also I love music..

I havnt told Charlie this much about my music career though, I'm thinking I've put that on hold maybe I should go out again for the big life?

'Mr Jackson?' I looked up and saw Ms Toll... Sally Toll.

I put my eyes on my phone again and I heard footsteps coming my direction. I looked up and she looked at me.

"What you want?" I asked looking at her with no feelings.

'Nothing' She smiled.

" erm-"

'i heard you got a free period today?' She smiled

"Yeh.. I do? I'm busy doing markings and-"

'Oh.. Well I've got a free period too' I smiled and looked back at my phone

'Oh Michael please...I want you back' I looked up at her and she came infront my desk.

'I want you baby please! My boyfriend is really nice... But I just miss you' I didn't say a word and started playing candy crush.

'Aint you gonna say anything then?' She smacked her lips.

"I don't want you..anyways look your pregnant and I'm sure it's not my baby, I used protection"

'It doesn't matter...don't you love me baby?' I shook my head slowly.

"" She laughed and smiled back

'Okay fine? I'll stay with my boyfriend then, one day I'll get you in a room and rape you' She started walking towards the door...

"Shit, she's scary" I mumbled.

I watched her as she went out the door andvi leaned back thinking again in my deep taughts.

I texted Charlie making sure my baby is okay.

Okay babe? I'm home early today just got 1 lesson

I left the text there and switched apps to booking holidays.

Charlie's POV

I look up at the board and it's so much i can't be bothered to work.

'Come on Williams!' My teacher said. I forgot her name though

"I need a break, I feel like I'm stressing too much about everything.

She shook her head

'Oh no don'tstress that's causing danger for the baby!' She said

I nodded and rubbed my tommy, I feel a bit sick now.

"I feel like I want to vomit" I said fanning myself with my hands.

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