Chapter 9 - Pool

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So when Michael and I where acctually gonna kiss again..Ms Toll came around the back to see 'if Michael was okay' Well your wondering how did I style it our without her knowing we was about to kiss?

Well when she came I pretended that I was looking for something and she didn't even cate she was looking over what Michael was doing and started winking at him.

But anyways I was back in my room and Adam is staying over in Courtney's room...they really got into it fast! Why can't me and Michael be like that? Well really we was but someone disturbed


I saw a note under my door and I ran and got it quick believing that it might be Michael.

Charlie! I know quiet a shock yesterday....but meet me now at the pool. I believe no teachers or students are going to jump in...

Michael xo

I smiled at that and ran to my suitcase and getting my bikini on. I plated my hair in 2 so it won't srink. I added my baggy shorts and a baggy top to it.

I left a note on Adams bed saying I was just walking around. I walked out grabbing my keys.

"Oh yeh... a towel?" I asked myself. It's fine I can't be bothered to go back and get it. I walked down and I slowly peeked through the swimming was really quiet and I saw Michael swimming up and down in the lanes. I walked in and the hear got to me. Boy I felt like striping already!

It seemed like Michael already knew I was here and he looked right at me smiling. I think I was looking really shy because I was looking down.

'Charlie... ' He said splashing the water on his face and started to bop up and down in the water.

He was looking sexy...his hair was wet and so was his body....mmm... his 6 pack was just popping up.

'Come Charlie' He said smiling.

I set my keys down on the bench thing and took of my baggy shorts first. I could feel Michael look at me. I took a quick glimpse at him and he was looking and he bit his lip.

"Stop it Sir" I slipped out my mouth and turnt around and took my top of and I turnt back around.

I took a step into the water, and it was warm and I walked over to Michael.

He grabbed my body close to him.

'Finally' He said looking down at my boobs.

"Finally? Yes finally Sir can we kiss?" I said.

Before we kissed he put his index finger up on my lips.

'Dont laugh when I tell you-'

"You don't know nothing about kissing or whatever..." I cut him of and he looked down in shame.

I lifted his head up.

"Well first we look deep into eachothers eyes" I said and he looked right deep in my eyes.

"Yes and then you come close" I said as he got close and I could feel his breath.. it was very hot...

"And...and...and... and then..." I said as our lips meet finally. He was quick to move!

'Like that?' He said looking at me

I put my arms around his neck and he drew me even closer to him with his hands around my waist. We started to kiss again and he got into the motion.

Since I was more experienced, I started to rub his chest in the water and I could feel him erect.

'Im so sorry' He said. I didn't care I went back into the kiss and went down for his manhood and started to go into his shorts and play with it.

I felt him jerk abit and he even started to his down my neck and touch my boobs up.

We still was going in the water but then I stopped.

'Whats wrong Charlie?' He asked with them sexy dark brown eyes of his..

"I...don't know...promise this is between us?" I said.

As soon as I said that we heed footstep.

Michaels eyes popped out like proper.

'oh no..' He said

"What am I gonna do?"

'oh no its Ms Toll!! go under the water I'll distract her and you go' He whispers.

I go under the water and hold my breath for God knows how long...

I hear mumblings but I feel like Ive ran out of air!! Thank God, Michael touched me so it was time to go...THANK YOU LORD!!!

I came up and and saw Ms Toll under the water and Michael counting..

'go go baby' He said I air kissed him and grabbed my stuff and walked out quick!

Again...nearly got caught man

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