Chapter 41 - Christmas!

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~next day CHRISTMAS ~

I felt more free like I can move again and there's nothing to worry about my child that died..inside of me...

Anyways take that of my mind.

It's Christmas! I saw some presents under the tree and I put Michael's there first of course!

I pick myself up and step into the shower and do my things.

I apply some coco butter on my skin and walk towards the mirror. I get out my makeup kit and go a bit over the top.

First I don't apply any foundation and put my mascara on and eye liner with a flick. I tint my eyebrows with some colour and apply some red lip stick.

I put my black jeans with a crop top showing my belly piercing.. That really reminds me of my child...anyways. I out my purple doc martin's and leave my hair out in a right mess bush.

I make my way out the door and pick up the keys so wouldn't get locked out.

Deciding to stretch my legs out a bit I walk down and out to the nice fresh air.

I make my way to Michael's studio but what he doesn't know...I got a little present for him!!

I got to his studio and walked in, everyone knows me and so I saw Michael rehearsing his dance.and Stevie was watching with another person in there.

I knocked on the door lightly and Stevie looked he smiled and i came in. Michael looked at me and smiled.

'You want your own privacy?'

"Please" Michael said as the 2 people walked out.

Michael wrapped his arm around my waist as his music was playing.

I looked into his eyes and he kissed my neck.

"You baby, left me on Christmas day" I said pouting my mouth.

"And you baby I'm sorry, I'll finish off and we'll go back"

"To the hotel or your families house?"

"Family home" He said smiling..

I stopped swaying.

"Please, keep an eye on Tito though.." I said to Michael who was trying to keep in his anger.

"I will baby, you all mine now" He said kissing my neck even more.

"Oh by the way I'll get my driver to drive us...hope there's no camera's around..and we'll get our presents and bring sleeping over clothes"

"Since you said present" I got out the little present from my pocket and handed it to him.

He laughed knowing what it is.

"A condom? For tonight?" He said kissing my lips

He opened it...and so amazing he was right!

"Well shall I use all 4 of them tonight?" He teased and held my hand as he slid them in his pockets.

We walked back to the recording studio where Stevie was waiting and he greeted me.

Michael kissed my hand and he went into the other room where he was about to sing and record the real thing.


Michael finished that amazing singing what he saying in stage... The same day I had my miscarriage

We was in the car and we held hands all the way to the hotel.

"Boss we coming back alright?" Michael quickly got out and opened the door for me.

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