Chapter 20 - Bunker

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At the moment I was finishing rubbing some tea spill from my shorts.

Michael came down with his normal sexy school look and he was doing up his tie.

'Oh that looks sexy' He said winking at me while grabbing his bag and car keys.

"You look even more sexy Michael" I held his hand and walked over to his car.

It was a fairly hot day but, when I came out I saw my friend Ellie but she didn't see me...

'Babes come on get in' He said opening the door for me. I hopped in and out my seat belt on.


We got to school and Michael and I went our separate ways to our lessons. My first lesson was English and at least I was sitting next to Ellie.

I was thinking about Emma moving to my school and how she is....ngl she acts like a slut sometimes...

'Hey Char!' Ellie said getting her books out I just sat with my empty desk...

"Oh shit.... forgot my books" She laughed.

'pretend to be sick!'

"Oh my gosh! yess!" I walked up to miss holding my belly.

'Oh dear Ms Williams... what's wrong?' She looked at me with concern..

"I feel my periods going to start...and I my belly is PAINING ME" I force myself to cry.

'Oh... oh dear... I'll send you to the nurse hun okay?' She sat on her seat and wrote a note saying I can come out of lessons.

"Thanks" I took the paper while holding on Mt stomach.

I waved bye to Ellie and she smiled.

I made my down the hall, and just taught of Michael...see if he's free....

I walked past his room and saw he was teaching...Damn. He caught my eyes and I walked so he wouldn't get distracted.

I was wondering where I was walking too so I just went to the nurse..

'Oh Charlie you again' I shook my head and laughed.

"Period pains.." She nodded her head as I sat down

'You still making out with boys?' I eyed her and said nothing...knowing I'm with Michael

'Ohhh Charlie! Please! I know your a virgin but you can get di-'

"Yesss miss! I know..." I cut her of. She got my sone tea and I sipped on some.

I started thinking about checking Michael up soon since he already lost his virginity to Sally...


It was Maths... of course my favourite lesson with my official boyfriend.

I walked in looking over at Adam and he smiled. I smiled back.

Today I decided to ait near the front but not to close. I made eye contact with Michael instantly. He smiled over at me. I winked.

'Okay class, afternoon' Michael said walking over to his desk. I was just observing him as he was typing away. His little nose was looking ahh and the way hos curls came down.

"Sexy.." I mumbled to myself.

'Okay alright class we are gonna be learning some new stuff' He was looking around the class but we caught eyes a few times.

'Right okay get your books out please'  Everyone had their books out..

"Shit!" I shouted. Everyone turned at me and giggled.

I looked up at Michael and he wanted to laugh but he couldn't.

'Ms Williams?' Michael questioned me

"Yeh Mi-Sir" I changed my speech quickly

'Please don't swear in my classroom' I nodded and sank back in my chair.


Lesson was over and of course I had to stay behind because I swore.

'Right Charlie...' Michael got up and walked over to me.


'Looking at you makes me wanna snog you!' I laughed.


Michael and I meet up after school now we are sitting in the park chilling and eating KFC.

'So babe. how was school today?' He looked over at me with his sexy brown eyes.

"Good... I wanted to stay with you all day"  I leaned on his lap looking into the sky.

'Oh baby me too' He started stroking my hair.

"I wanna kiss you...all night" I grabbed his hand hand locked it into mine.

'Oh Charlie-'

'Oh my Gosh Mr Jackson and Charlie are going out?!' Some unknown voice commented.

I got up as quickly and looked straight...


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