Chapter 50 - Come on

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Im still confused.. Everything seemed real.. Like it was actually true.

I look over at Mr Jackson and he looks over at me. I give it a try and smile at him , he smiled back and puts his eyes back in his work.

I turnt over to Ellie and saw her smile. "Flirt" she mouthed over to me.
It took a while for me to register in my head to flirt with my Maths teacher...

Okay so I am gonna flirt...

"Sir" I raise my hand and he looks over and comes towards me.

"yes Charlie what's wrong?" He says looking at the work while I try to find some random excuse.

"So sir I really don't get this one can you explain it again please" I point to the work that he just explained !

"Charlie... Your going to stay behind I just explained that work ?" I looker confused.

"Okay..." Mr Jackson nodded and then got back to his working on the class


It is now the end of the lesson and now its my time to have time with Mr Jackson...

"okay now Charlie I really don't know what your problem is , I just explained the work to the whole class.. Why was you not concentrating?" It felt like I wasn't sopost to be here but since having that dream it seems I need to figure this out.

" I don't know sir.. It's - I - you know its fine I can just go now" I packed my things away and out them in my bag.

"No Charlie... This is really not you at all you are always on top of the work...well sometimes but still this can't be right. Next time concentrate a little more"

Uh he's so sarcastic but I'm just going with the flow.

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