Chapter 38 - Resolved the issues

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Shit I'm in deep know I'm in so much shit I don't even know what to's been like... Hmm a week or 2 and Michael hasn't even dared to talk to me. Funny thing is we still live in the same hotel apartment and we walk past eachother..but we sleep in different rooms. At the moment we are.

I'm watching television and he's in the kitchen on the phone.

Thinking in my taughts...

'I know, but I'm not to bothered about her now. Even if she did kiss him by accident or not' I feel like slapping Michael's face.. I mean if I retrace back...the kiss wasn't ment on purpose.. He came onto him I told him I love Michael. Phsh seriously I was drunk at the party?!

I went into the kitchen and Michael looked at me.

"Chat to me please" I said out loud.

He simply ignored me and went into a different room.

I looked at my ring and necklace he gave me.

"FUCK YOU MICHAEL FUCK YOU, I'M GOING OUT" I put my shoes on and grabbed my phone.

I started crying and actually walked with my pregnant self to Michael's family home.

I knocked on the door funny Tito opened up and looked worried.

'Whats up? Come Charlie' I walked with him inside and into the living room.

"Michael knows...I kissed you...we havnt been speaking.." I whispered he opens his mouth a bit.

'Shit... That's deep shit..he's gonna beat me up you know Charlie' He whispered back.

Jermaine walks into the room and sits next to me.

I wipe my eyes before looking over at him.

'You.. Okay Charlie?' He asks looking into my eyes.

"Yeh.. Yeh I'm just...I'm gonna go out...I'll see you later." I said he stood up.

'Lemme take you..' He walked to the door and opened it up for me

Charlie...only if you didn't get drunk and blert out your dream..and what you've are in deep shit Charlie..

..yes I know I am get out of my head

I hear myself thinking.

I got into the car and Jermaine starts driving out the gate.

'Now tell me what's up Charlie...I know when people are upset...I can see it. You've been havnt been to our house since the party'

"Nothing... Honestly I'm..I'm alright" I said lying looking out the window. He touches my hand. And I look down at his hand on mine.

'Your not. Tell me' I sigh and roll my eyes.

I begin of the story of what happens and we find ourself driving around.


'Tell really do love him'

"I have...he won't listen...I guess it's over...what about the baby and everything?" I said.

Jermaine looked out the window.

'You know just try... You love him. You was wrong okay?' I looked down at the ring Michael gave me.

"I don't take me back to the hotel please" Jermaine nodded and started driving.

The drive was quite and tense... The silence of the air made my ears hurt.

"Thank you Jermaine"

'See you...if anything call me..' He said. I shut the door and made my way up to the apartment.

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