Chapter 31 - Birthday part 2

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So far I think my birthday is going...pretty well I mean at least I don't have school and Michael is taking me out in a dinner of course to a restaurant or...we grab some food and eat in the car while looking out on the top of the hill...seems dangerous but fun you know?

'Where too then?'

"No where....I just wanna stay home for my birthday" He looked at me...and shrugged

'Okay what ever you want birthday girl' I smiled at took a seat on the sofa, he came next to me and wrapped his hand around me.

'I remember when I became was so live! My parents let me have a party at home.. Mainly family came over cause I didn't have that much mates at the time...'

"Oh babe sorry" I said I kissed his cheek and he laughed.

'Its okay...I don't have to worry about that now...I'm 21 years old and have other things to do'

"True that" I said and he looked at the ring he got me and smiled.

I don't know what's up with him...I hope I have a great birthday knowing there's something inside me growing.


It's time to open up my presents! Well what Michael got me... I remember that key he gave me...there was a box and it had an envelope...

"Oh my gosh whats this? Money"

'open up and see then' He laughed.

I slowly started to open it up and saw AMERICA!

"Oh my Gosh this is better than money!" I laughed and I gave him a hug and he hugged back to biting his lip.

"So when we going?!" I open up my eyes in excitement.

'look again in the envelop' I looked again and oh my gosh next week?!

"Next week! How long for!"

'How ever long you want too babes..' He smiled and i acctually wanted to cry!

"Thanks Michael babe" I gave him a kiss on the lips.

'Love you birthday girl'

"Awh babe Michael I love you too" He looked at me and bit his lip.

'Its ashame I can't give you birthday sex cause your pregnant' He laughed.

Oh my this boy he is something else!

I carried opening other stuff and got usual girls stuff like handbags and etc...


LaToya's POV

So I actually can't wait for Michael to come finally back to America and visit...or maybe stay!

Obviously Jermaine and I know mainly and the others know, mom knows and she's happy that Michael has found a girl despite her age...but we're not to sure how dad feels.

'She looks like a lovely girl you know, when we skyped her earlier on..she definitely looks like a good 16 year old girl' My mom said. I laughed.

"You know what I can't wait to be an Auntie and guess what mom...your going to be a Granny again!" I said laughing

'I know and your daddy is going to be a grandfather...he's just going to have to accept it!' My mom said.

"Well, you seem to like Charlie too don't you?" My mom nodded and smiled.

'Im happy especially for Michael...also I wonder when he comes over if he's going to continue with his music business... '

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