Chapter 17 - Coming out

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Well I didn't go to school for at least 4 days now and it's the weekend, even Michael hasn't come round or replied to my messages..what's he doing that's so busy?

Anyways I'm out with Emma doing some shopping, at the shopping centre(mall in American)

'So what dress you gonna wear to the club tonight?' Emma asked looking into some dresses.

"I don't know" I shrugged my shoulders. She puffed and walked around.

"Okay okay sorry look I found one" I said holding it up to me. She looked at it and smiled

'Oh I really like that! I'm gonna buy that too' She looked for her size and took it out. We went to the till and paid for our dresses.

We walked out and walked into the shoe shop and looked at some shoes.

"Oh my...what colour shoes shall we get!" I said holding Emma's hand while looking around.

'Well, I think we need to find a colour that goes with this dress' She said.

One of the helpers past bye

"Oh excuse me" I stopped her and she smiled.

'Can you help us pick a shoe that goes with this dress please' Emma said holding up the dress.

'Ermm.. definitely this red high heel will go with it' She said pointing at it.

"Oh okay that's really nice! Thank you" She smiled and left.

"What you think Em?" She nodded and already got her size out.

I got my size and we got it at the till.


We was sitting at the coffee shop and looking as people just pass bye. Drinking our tea.

'Well tonight I hope I find a nice dude' Emma said taking a sip on her tea. I just nodded along and tried texted Michael again for the last time..

Oh Michael!? Why. you not answering... I know you are not dead!

I looked back up from my phone and saw Emma texting away too.

"Emma, can we start making our way home now I wanna rest before I get wasted" She nodded her head and we got up leaving a tip.

We held hands again as we waked out the shopping centre(mall).

Michael's POV

Well tonight I'm going to that club with my brother Jermaine and sister Janet with her boyfriend.

I've been trying to ignore Charlie lately and this girl tryna buss my phone up! I'm still with Sally but things have gotten worse though... I think she's cheating on me and I'm. just missing Charlie..

Oh my poor Charlie thinks we are still going out with eachother!

Ms Toll's POV

People hate me.... and right now who I'm fed up with is Michael! He's so annoying!  So I've moved unto another guy right now!

Michael and I agreed to just take some time off today. So he's going to the club to get wasted while I go to my new boyfriends house and we'll bang.

Hold up...lemme call Michael now and say it's over!  I dial his number and it rings.

'Hello Sally..'

"Yes Michael I've got something to tell you"

'Whats that? You wanna break up? yeh sure love! we're over'

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