Chapter 18 - Stay over

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My head is spinning and uh!  I just feel like vomiting and throwing up everywhere! I can't take it so I go down to the kitchen and grab some paracetamol.

'Baby girl you doing good?' My mom said holding a cup of tea. I nodded she laughed.

'Did you get wasted hun?' I nodded and laughed. She laughed with me and hit me softly on the arm.

"I'm gonna grab some food"

'Char... you know...I'm your mother! You can tell me anything and I got something to tell you' She said sipping on her tea after.

"Is it something bad?" She shook her head and then nodded it.

'Well.. some sexy man came to the house yesterday while you was out...his names Michael..?' My mom did the funny eye on me..


'Charlie... I swear he's your teacher? Mr Jackson...' She did the funny eye even more...I held my hands to my face.

"Yes..yes..he is.." I said she laughed.

'Charlie Williams... are toy going out with your teacher?' I looked at my mom and didn't say a word..

'Charlie? I'm your mom come on now...'

"Fine yes!...."

'Yes?!' She said surprisingly.

"Yes! My teacher and I are....are going out..." I said trailing of, my mom grabbed my hand and sat me down on the sofa.

'So Charlie...Charlie Charlie Charlie my daughter!'


'You and your maths teacher are in a relationship? long?'

"More like the beginning of the year"

'Why didn't you tell me this..'

"What! Mom are you mad! I know you'll say eh likkle Charlie he's old enough to be your daddy" I said

'Oh charlie.. he is though... ' I looked at her and she stopped smiling


"Well... I don't care what you say I love him...he loves me.."

'And how do you know he wasn't had a past love life he hasn't told you about?'

"Well mom recently he was going out with Ms Toll while he was going out with me"

'Hmm... see-'

"No don't yes...funnily enough we meet at the club yesterday and he said sorry and all that..."

'So... you guys are going out again?' I nodded.

'hmm...well you know in a way I'm not really pleased with you Charlie...'


'But... invite him over...does anyone else know? Cause baby girl you know if he gets caught...he'll fo prison?' I nod my head

"Yes.. no one knows except you and big sissy"

'What!!! your sister knows aswell?!' I nod.

' call your boyfriend over and invite him for dinner today if he can come.'

"But mom?"

'Oh damn... I'm going out tonight!' She remembered.

'Well... you can go out with him tonight'

I got up and hugged her

"Thank you mommy! Please don't tell anyone...especially daddy"

'You know I won't babe' She said getting up from the sofa and went to wash her cup in the kitchen.

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