Chapter 25 - Our house

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I signed of and my mother did to.

So now I'm officially moving out of my school and moving into those teen mom's schoolings.

I'm not a way I am, I bet those girls are horrible and mean...and half way through the lesson their babies are gonna be crying their eyes out.. thank God I've only got half a year left..

'Okay well Charlie we will be missing you, and best for your future' The principal says.

"Thank you" I say looking at my mom

'May I ask what school you going to?'

'Im afraid we don't want to say' My mom says holding Graces car seat ready to leave.

'okay...fair nuff well have a good furture' He smiles and I smile back ready to leave.

I get up and let my mom walk out first and then myself.

People look at me and smile. Non even dare to say goodbye.


'So you know your starting school tomorrow?'

"Full day?"

'Yes full day' I throw my head back onto the car seat headreaster.

We drive to the house and get in. Feels wired back at my house.

I take Grace from my mom's arms and carry her up to my room.

I sit on the floor with grace on my legs as I pick my phone and text my sister...haven't spoke. To her in a long time!

Me: Hey sis!

I left the text there and began to dial Emma's number and call her.

'Hey girl what's popping?'  She said

"Nothing much just need to tell you quiet a lot.."

'Over phone or face to face?'

"Face to face tomorrow"

'Okay where?'

"I'll call you"

'Alright well I'm doing homework! See you later hun'

"Alright bye boo"

'bye' She said and hanged up

Well anyways telling my mom I'm pregnant was not that hard...she accepted anyways knowing she was pregnant with my sister the same age.

It runs through the family.

But yeh Michael is still working and he's staying there for a bit. He's really upset he's not going to see me there at school everyday now, we had a long hug and oh gosh.

'Charlie?' My mother shouted

"Yes mom?!" I exclaimed

'Come down please'

I made my way down and saw my mom shuffling some papers around.

"What's up?"

'I know your 16, can move out, I'm fine alone, you got your boyfriend that's a teacher he can look after you..'


'Move out' My mom said avoiding eye contact and looked on at her nails.

"Your telling your own 16 year old to move out?"

'Why not? You don't need me?'

"Yes I do.."

'No you don't you have Mr Jackson, and you can have a Jackson family named ugh I dunno? A baby girl called Paris?' I raised my eyebrows and didn't say anything

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