Chapter 4 - Friends

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Well today I know it's going to be a greater day, Mr Jackson and I will be even closer since yesterday. I feel like I can share anything with him.

'Charlie get your ass down here now' My mother shouted at me. I stopped down the stairs seeing her waiting on the stairs for me looking all posh.

"Why you looking like your going church? it ain't Sunday" She laughed.

'Darling I'm sorry but I'm getting my divorce papers done with your father'

"You what!" I screamed.  Her eyes where already glossing up.

"Don't talk to me. I'm going school" I walked up stairs. Ive never spoke to my mom like that before. I was drying my tears while getting into the shower and did my hygiene.

I got dressed into my denim shorts and a pink crop top showing my belly button bar I left my hair out in a frizzy bun. Since I'm mixed race. I grabbed my bag and went down to see my mom talking on the phone. I smiled at her and mouthed sorry giving her a blow kiss.

I walked out the house seeing it was really hot I'm glad I wore shorts. But then a car horn beeped at me. I looked up seeing Mr Jackson waving his hand to come to me.

"No Sir it's okay" I said even though I wanted so badly to get in.

'Now Charlie come on' He said opening the door for me. I rolled my eyes and walked over and got in the car.

"Thanks Sir" I said and he smiled

'No Charlie it's okay, how was your sleep?' He asked driving of. I shrugged and nodded my head.

"My parents are getting a divorce though" I said. He opened his mouth

'When did you find out this? I'm sorry ... ' He trailed of.

"This morning, my mother told me there signing today..." I said looking out the window and a team feel down my cheek. I sniffed that gave it away.

'Charlie?' Mr Jackson said. He even placed his hands on my shoulders and my body had a shock. I started sobbing and I could feel boogie come out my nose. I sniffed it back up and kept covering my face.

'Okay Charlie we are gonna get late for school but I promise we can go out after school okay?' I slowly put my hands down and looked at Michael.

He looked at me and smiled. 'Hun your mascara is rolling down' He said beginning to laugh. I started smiling cause he just called my hun...

We both are at school and at the moment I'm in English waiting to go out. My last lesson is Maths with Mr Jackson and I'm so happy he said he'll get to take me out after.

'Alright class you free to go except Charlie' I saw Adam look at me and smiled I smiled back and he walked of away with his friends.

"Yes miss you wanted me" I said. She nodded and got my book out.

'Well Charlie I've been noticing some days you really are getting it and some days your just not in the focus pattern?' Miss Tolls said.

I rolled my eyes. "Sorry"

'No don't be sorry for me it's your work and if it happens again I'm afraid your going to stay behind-'

"No I'm not miss you don't understand what I'm going through!" I shouted I started to get up and walk

"WHY IS ALL THE TEACHERS SAYING THAT! YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT'S GOING ON AT MY FLIPPING HOME!" I shut the door hard and walked out to go to Mr Jackson. I even started crying today...

This is an emotional day for me today.

I got to Michaels room and just opened it seeing he was marking works.

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