Chapter 11 - Make me yours

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I put my hair in a little messy bun. & walk over to Rhianna's room, but guess who I saw.

'Baby come' Michael said holding my hands.

"No let go of me Michael" I said twisting out of his grip. He looked deeply at me.

'Well come with me then' He practically dragged me into his room. He shut the door and placed me on his bed.

"What do you want?" I asked rubbing my arm.

'You Charlie... tell me what's up? Why won't you talk to me?'

"Why don't you think about it?" I snapped back at him. He sighed softly.

'Yes I know your jealous of me and Ms Toll?' He said putting his hands on his head.

"Yes! I don't even know if you guys are banging eachother?" I said he came over to me.

'No.. I told you Charlie...she's trying to move to me' He said. He came and gave me a hug. I didn't move I hugged him back.

'I wouldn't do that Charlie... you know..I like you a lot' He said kissing my forehead.

"Let's bang" I said looking at him. He shrugged.

'I don't have any protection Charlie..' He trailed of...

"I don't care, I have too much feelings for you just do it" I said.

I grabbed him and we starting kissing. I stuck my tongue in his mouth and he bit it.

"Ow Michael" I said, he laughed.

'Sorry baby' He said touching up my boobs.

"To make things easier baby, let's take our clothes of together" I said stating to unbutton his shirt. He looked at me and stripped of my top showing my bra.

He cane over and started to create hickeys on my boobs.

'Kiss me' He whispered, I pulled him and we kissed really hard. I took down his boxers and he did the same to my shorts. I stopped kissing him and took a look at his manhood.

"Wow, your really..." I trailed of, giving him a hand job while kissing on his neck.

'Oh no Charlie' He mounded out loud..

"Shh sir...people will hear you baby" I said kissing his lips while he moans quietly while kissing.

'Michael... open the door it's important' I guess that's Ms Toll knocking on the door.

I stopped immediately and Michael pushed me of lightly to find his boxers.

"Where am I gonna go?" I whispered panicking

'I... I...go in the bathroom' He said putting his jogging trousers on.

I ran to the bathroom and shut the door.

I put my ear up on the door.

'Whats up Sally?' I heard Michael say..

"Ewh her names Sally?" I said to myself.

'I heard noises... sounded like sex noises' She said..... Oh man.

'Oh?' I heard Michael say....Oh my gosh I just remembered that I left my Bra there...

'michael? Why have you got a bra on the floor?'

'Do you mind? That's my girlfriends' He said. I heard the snatch and it fell like somewhere.

Oh does he take me as his girlfriend now?

'Im... sorry...I'll see you later' Ms Toll said.

'Okay.. bye' Michael said. The door shut and he opened the bathroom door and I fell..

"So you call me girlfriend now?" I said still laying down and he came and kissed my lips.

'Would you care to be my girlfriend Charlie?' He said. As I looked at him upside down. I nodded.

"Of course Sir... but it's our secret" I said getting up and hugged him.

'Thats great, get yourself ready we are gonna go to the rides today'

"I want you to ride me Michael" I said looking at him as he bites his lips.

'Not now..I don't feel right. I need protection' He

said rubbing on my arm while I put my bra on.

"Okay... so that's when we get back home?" He nodded and licked my nose.

'Okay baby?'

"Yes Michael"

'Okay well I'll see you later,' I opened the door and got to my room.

'Where was you Charlie?' Adam said looking down at my breast...oh great he's seen the hickey marks.

"I was just walking around" I said walking over to the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror.

'Well what took you so long?' He said...

"Erm and when did you start to care now? Why don't you spend time with your girlfriend?" I said walking back in the room.

'Well I was going to say sorry that's why I cared to come in here' Adam said looking at me

'I care a lot about you Charlie...'

"Okay I'm sorry, I'm just ugh.." I said sitting on my bed.

'Look Charlie I'm not going to lie...I still like you a tiny bit...I still care' He said. I smiled at him and he walked over and gave me a hug.

"Okay I'm sorry"


I nodded, but still just thinking about today Michael and I could of had a great time banging... But I wonder....why is it every time Michael and I make out....Ms Toll comes in? Does she know??....

"Charlie stop worrying" I said to myself. Adam looked over at me and did the 'wtf' look.

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