Chapter 37 - Dream

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Today I'm getting going out with Janet and off to her friends party with all the others, apparently the parties her friend has is insane... I can't really get drunk or anything..I can but I don't want to harm the baby really.

I mean I remember that time when my parents where not home i decided to have a party Adam came and touched me up..then times are really over I've got a man and a baby coming soon...

I mean I do find some guys attracted still..but I mean Michael is the best..he just is.

Anyways he's been out all day I'm guessing at the studio and he said he's gonna visit the therapy... Oh yeh why is he even going? He said he's going to stop anyways soon.

Janet comes out with some really mini skirt while I'm here all covered up with a dress that goes down to my knees and covers my body.

My hair is just as usual put in a bush and not that much make up...I don't want guys attracting.

I got a bleep of my phone as we all get in the car and it's from Michael

Heya Boo baby

I've finished my job so I can come over to the party so I'm on my way I'll meet you guys over there

Love you
Your baby

"Oh guys Michael's coming" I say and they say oh good and are pleased...but I know Tito ain't..

I turnt around in my chair and looked at Tito and he looked at me.

"You alright?" I asked and he looked at me for a.moment.

'Yeh... Yeh I guess'

"Well you better be it's party mode now" I said winking and everyone cheered, we made our way on the road.

We got outside the house and the music was really loud also it's a fricken big house! It's like a ranch! This girl must be rich or something man.

We get out the car and I see Michael standing by his car and I walked up to him and gave a hug, we held hands and the others came walking over, we knocked on the door and Janet friend opened up the door...she was pretty hot and was wearing a short nice little dress. I looked at Michael and he looked at me

"Good boy" I said.

We got into the house and it was really full by the looks of it people dancing... I could already smell the weed that woke up my brain...I havnt smoked weed since I was pregnant really...I don't think Michael knows..

Already everyone was gone out partying

I held into Michaels hand and we made our way to the dancing floor, everyone looked at Michael and started cheering knowing he's the "Michael Jackson" so yes.

'Michael Michael!' some girl said looking at him and I looked at Michael's facial expressions that looked like he was baffled.

"I'm just gonna pop and get a little drink you know" I said and Michael began dancing and teaching moves.

I go into the kitchen and see Tito looking down at the drink he looks pretty lonely...

I walk up to him and put my hand on his shoulder. He looks at me and doesn't say a word..

"You look lonely I say" taking a sip of his drink which I realise is really nice you know..

'Well im just observing everyone...I'm not really lonely to be fair' He says

Well I lean my body against the counter and he looks at me.

'Well are you gonna party or what?' He says and we get to the living room where all the dancing is.

We dance together and he was dancing behind me, I don't know where Michael went but I'm sure he's okay.

Michael's POV

I went outside to have a little fresh air in the garden with LaToya she was smoking away, and I looked at her for a minute and she's changed from what a little girl she was.

She's changed. I think she might be sexualy active too...but that's non of my business.

I see Charlie walk in the garden with Tito and there dancing away.

She comes up to me and gives a little peak on my lips. Her lips taste like...I don't know sweet but in a drink way.

"You been drinking?" I asked Charlie and she looked at me.

'Yeh just one cup though..' She said laughing.

'And I smoked a little weed' She said laughing her head of and laid her head on my chest.

"Charlie please remember your pregnant?" I said and she laughed more.

I looked at Tito I could see he was trying not to laugh.

"Bro you didn't courage her to smoke and drink?" He shook his head and walked inside.

"Right we are going back to the hotel now" I picked her up bridal style and she laughed even more I walked throughthe crowed and saw Janet

"Look see you guys..tomorrow, she's gone a bit tipsy" Janet shouted ok so I just left.

I went to the car and opened it. I laid Charlie on the back seats so she can lay down.

I closer the door And got in the drivers seat.

I started the engine and drove out I bumped up my music until we got to the hotel, I got Charlie out the back and she was half awake and half asleep.


Charlie was in bed and I joined her, knowing she might be a bit fine tomorrow.

Charlie's Dream

'Get ready to push?' The nurse said to me.

I cried even more in pain and tried pushing out more.

"Where the FUCK IS MY BOYFRIEND" I said crying and feeling the burning sensation of the babies head coming out.

'Madam please, it's okay just push the babies head is almost out' The nurse said looking at me. My eyes went blury of my tears or anger and hurt.

Michael came rushing in, his curls on his head was bouncing of sweat, he looked at me and came running holding onto my hand.

"You pay more attention on your music life then your own girlfriend and YOUR baby" I said screaming and cried.

Michael kissed my head
'Im sorry'

With that touch the baby came out and the pain was over...but my vaji was burning..

Our baby...looked like...Adam...was more paler than anything...even though I'm mixed race...

Then the babies colour changed to looking like Tito... I turnt my head around and saw Tito next to me...I screamed

Charlie's POV

I can't hardly breath. I woke up panting and sober. My head was spinning and my little fantasy world was OVER.

Michael's POV

I healed Charlie tight

'My dream...' Charlie said

"Tell me baby...tell me your safe.."

'Oh Michael I love you so much, I'm sorry I'm SO sorry I kissed Tito and I love you Michael, I want my baby to be is yours I'm sure...I'm positive I'm sure I havnt had any sex with anyone else....your brother loves me Michael...even we kissed again and I'm sorry I love you I love you....I'm sorry Michael...Michael..Mi..mic..Michael?'

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