Percy Jackson Fan Fiction Part Six

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Wow. That is all that I could think about as Penelope strode up to Luci and me. Does she really want to get MORE bruises??? Does she have a brain??? Is she insane?? Wow, two hours after we beat her up, and she thinks she can walk right up to us and tell us off. Yeah, I'll answer my own question. She is insane.

"So I expect Chiron put you two dish rags in isolation?" she asked. She really is stupid. She was wearing such revealing clothes!!! She must really enjoy showing off her bruises and cuts. Dummy.

"Yup," Luci said in a bored tone. She started staring at her nails pretending to inspect them.

"Penelope, how about you run along and go do something else?" I asked her. She rolled her eyes and then fluttered her naturally thick eyelashes.

"Awww. You don't want me to make fun of you?? Are you sure?? By the way you dress and all, I thought you wanted me to!!" she exclaimed in a fake sweet voice.

"Whatever. I should've known you didn't want to have lunch. Trying to lose weight???" I taunted. Right after I said it, I regretted it. Aphrodite girls are VERY sensitive about their appearance. VERY.

"AGH!!!!!!!!" she screamed and then ran off, stumbling in her heels. Just as she was out of earshot, Luci burst out laughing.

"Luci?!?!? What are you laughing about?? You know how sensitive Aphrodite girls are when it comes to their appearance. She's probably gonna come and bite me back later!!!!" I scolded. Yeah, I know. I sounded like my mother.

"Whatever. Let's go. I'm starving!!" Luci grasped my arm and dragged me over to the dining pavilion. We weren't too late. Apparently, the entire Ares cabin weren't hungry.

"Sit with me today. Nobody will notice," I asked Luci.

"Fine. But if I get in trouble, you know what'll happen!"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Fine. I know." I answered her trying to sound not as worried as I felt.

Luci and I weaved through the people and tables until we reached mine. Poseidon. We plopped down side by side and waited for Chiron to announce that we could get food. I hated that rule. If not everyone was present, we would ALL have to wait to eat.

----------------------------After Lunch( Luci didn't get in trouble)----------------------------

After lunch, Luci and I had Ancient Greek History with Annabeth teaching. We gathered in front of the Athena cabin and plopped down on the grass. The grass tickled my legs since I was only bermuda shorts. Eventually, Annabeth arrived and began talking about the rivalry between Athena and Poseidon. Percy sat in the front nodding his head from time to time and the Apollo cabin had their eyes glazed over from boredom I guess.

Finally, Ancient Greek History was over. Luci and I were headed to the pegasus stables when a girl bumped into us. She looked like she got pushed and now the three of us were flat on the ground.

"I am so sorry. I should've watched where I was going-" she stammered. But she didn't get to finish her sentence.

"I'm Luci. Haven't seen you around before. Are you new?" Luci asked while putting out her hand for the girl to shake.

"Yeah. Just got here ten minutes ago. It's a lot to take in." the girl answered taking Luci and my hand.

"Hi," I interupted,"I'm Marrissa. Your name is?"

"Hi," she greeted me while tucking a bit of her auburn hair behind her ear,"I'm Roxie."

"Nice to meet you!" Luci exclaimed.

"Thanks. I was so excited to come here!! I read the Percy Jackson series, and the next thing I know, I'm whisked off to Camp Half-Blood by Grover himself. Then, I meet Percy and Annabeth on their way to Ancient History and then, some kid comes up to me saying that he was Rick Riordan. Then, I learn that he hired his dad to go to the interviews and stuff for his book and this is just so confusing!!" Roxie babbled.

"Yeah. It's a lot to take in," I said.

"No worries. Wanna go fly some pegasus with us?" Luci offered.

"Heck, yeah!!!!" Roxie shrieked and the three of us ran towards the stables.

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