Percy Jackson Fan Fiction Part Twenty-Three

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I feel like crap.

Now I usually don’t curse,

But I feel terrible.

I think my social life is completely destroyed too.

So yea.

If you feel bad for me, then don’t yell at me cause I didn’t upload by Wednesday.

Now I know I promised.

But my dad set up security systems so I can’t get onto Wattpad from my home computer anyway.

Going about two months without Wattpad was TERRIBLE!!


I tried.

I really did.

Once again,

I feel like crap.

Izzack’s Point of View

Behind me, there was a table. The table was enveloped in a white cloth and on it rested about three billion plates of cookies. Why they were there? I don’t know. But now I know what Hecate meant by saying:


She stood in the corner of the room, smiling like there was no tomorrow. The goddess rubbed her wrists and ankles where the magic rope had been tied and sauntered over to the table and grabbed a chocolate-chip cookie from the luxurious chocolate-chip cookie platter. Then she grabbed a sugar cookie and then an oatmeal cookie. Who would’ve known that the goddess of magic has a fondness for cookies?

“Why would there be a table of cookies in a prison for the goddess of magic?” Marrissa whispered in my ear, her face contorted in confusion.

“How the heck am I supposed to know?” I whispered back, my eyes not leaving the ravenous goddess, gobbling down cookies like she hadn’t eaten in years.

“I’m so schforry prids! I just wove schookies!!” Hecate turned around looking at us. Her face was sprinkled with crumbs and she spit everywhere. Her mouth was full of cookie.

“It’s fine. We just uh, kinda wanna escape from the evil satyr’s place…” Marrissa mumbled.

“Mom, enough! Escape from villian’s lair first, eat gazillion cookies later. COME ON!!” Roxie snapped, dragging her mom away from the cookie table.

“Fine fine fine, you kids these days are no fun,” Hecate mumbled, her voice clear as glass now that all her cookies had been digested.

“Do you know a way out of here?” Harry asked, his eyes suspiciously looking at the cookie table.

“No. Those satyrs tied me with rope and then put a blind-fold on me before taking me here. I had enough juice in me to wriggle out of the blind-fold,” Hecate answered, her arm slowly but surely reached toward the cookie table. Luci slapped it away.

Well that’s just wonderful. We have the goddess of magic here with us right now, who is seriously obsessed with cookies. That’s like saying, I had a pajama party with evil chimpanzees and we spent the entire night eating pie.

“We really need to go,” Marrissa said, clutching Hecate’s shoulders and steering her toward the door.

“I thought the gods and goddesses weren’t supposed to be like this,” Harry whispered in my ear, wrinkling his nose in distaste.

“I think the poor lady got corrupted. Either that or maybe she’s not as strong and mighty like the other gods,” I suggested, whispering back.  


We exited the wide open door, having to drag the cookie-obsessed goddess out. We got out into the hallway again and continued walking forward. Shadows danced across the walls, prancing here and there, tickling the back of my neck. Our footsteps echoed everywhere, like little whispers in the night. It seemed like ages before we finally escaped the horrid place.

The sunshine punched my face. I squinted my eyes from the pounding impact.

“We’re out!!” Marrissa yelled into the sky.

“But now we’re lost,” Luci pointed out.

“Again,” Roxie added.

“Wait, where’s Sunny?” Harry asked frantically, looking everywhere.

“HERE!!!” a shrill voice called out, somewhere behind me. I turned around, and there was little Sunny, perched a log. It was then that I realized we were in the woods, not the Big Apple (New York).

“Wait, so the evil satyr’s house is in the woods?” Marrissa asked no one in particular.

“Well I guess. I mean he is still a satyr. The whole New York city thing was probably just a ploy to stop us if we made a strategy to escape into New York. Sadly enough, we didn’t make a strategy,” Roxie pointed out.

         “So we just walk home?” Marrissa asked, looking strangely at the gang.

“Of course not.” And something stepped out of the shadows. 

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