Percy Jackson Fan Fiction Part Ten

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Roxie's Point of View

Okay, so I'm the daughter of Hecate. That's no big deal. Okay, it's a big deal. I knew it was true but stubborn me just couldn't except it. I was having a fight with my consious about how I could be the daughter of Hecate when Hecate the woman herself spoke up.

"I know it's a lot to take in, honey. Are you alright?" she asked sweetly. Am I alright? OFCOURSE I'M NOT ALRIGHT YOU WEIRDO! I JUST FOUND OUT WHO MY MOM WAS AFTER...OH I DON'T KNOW. FIFTEEN FREAKIN' YEARS!!!

"Respect is the key to it all. Roxie. All you need to be succesful in life is respect. And maybe a little smarts but you get the point," Hecate pointed out,"Be a little more respectful especially to your mother. No, strike that, to a goddess that could blast you into smithereens."

Oh boy. I just met my mother and I've already got her temper rising. Oh swell!!

Note the huge sarcasm.

"Hecate, your majesty, whatever, why did you wait a week to tell Roxie?" Luci asked,"What's up with that?"

"Yeah," Marrissa butted in,"You had us all going bonkers!"

"I have my reasons that you don't need to know. Now that you know I'm your mother though, I can grant you your powers. I took them away the last time I visited. It was for your own safety ofcourse," Hecate said looking expectantly at me.

Oh, that explains it. No wonder I hadn't showed any power or ability or anything. They were taken away by Hecate. Cheated by my own mom! What kind of world does that happen in?

"I have a job, quest, mission, oh, let's just call it a task for you girls. I actually have many many children. I've been hiding them for years. I've decided to stop. I  need you girls to go and bring my children back to this camp. They've survived on their own for a long time and I don't want them getting hurt on the way," Hecate stated,"I'll provide you with all your provisions and Chiron will be notified. Will you do it?"

A quest! A real mission! Ofcourse I have to take the task! Immidiently, I said yes. But then I realized my mistake. What if Luci and Marrissa won't come with me? I don't wanna be alone!

"Sure!" Luci exclaimed.

"Eh, whatever, it sounds like fun!" Marrissa added. So, that was that huh?


Luci's Point of View

The next morning, Marrissa, Roxie and I were all packed and ready to go. We each had a bookbag with an extra outfit, ambrosia and a nectar. We also had flashlights, batteries, water, granola bars, and a map that Hecate had sent that told us everywhere her children were. This'll be interesting.

"You guys ready for this?" Marrissa asked.

"Yeah,"Roxie answered. I just smiled. Obviously, Marrissa was gonna lead us. She'd been on a quest  before. She had the most experience and Roxie was still pretty new to this stuff. She still forgets what to call an Iris message. She thinks they're called Iris email thingies. Haha.

Finally, Argus had droven us to New Jersey. It wasn't very gardeny to be the garden state. (No offense to Jersey peeps! My cousin lives there and I love it! Wonderland is so much fun...) But other than that, it seemed pretty pleasant. We were in a little town called Mays Landing. Not as much flowers as I had imagined but nice enough. Argus finally dropped us off at a little neighborhood called Misty Pines. The house were big and bold and probably even more extravagant on the inside.

Argus took out a Post-It note and wrote down, I can't help anymore. It's your quest and I already helped enough by taking you to the first location. Good luck with the other twelve. Hecate didn't give you a deadline did she? The three of us shook our heads in unison. Argus, with all his eyes, saluted us and drove away.

We headed up the driveway and rung the doorbell. I could hear it ring inside the house. Suddenly, the door swung open.


So I tried REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY hard to write more than I usually do but I'm really tired and need to start studying for the SCAT test so I gotta go. Hope you enjoyed! I'll try to post soon!


Peace, Love and Celebrations!!!!


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