Percy Jackson Fan Fiction Part Twenty-Five

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Marissa's POV

Everyone was in full-fledged battle. Some were in full body armour while others were looked like they had just crawled out of bed, and had to go out and fight in their spongebob pajamas. But I didn't waste time gawking, I ran into the battle immediately. I noticed Annabeth and Percy fighting off a gigantic satyr. He was around 8 feet and was about 8 times uglier than even the ugliest of satyrs. His fur was muddy brown color and his eyes couldn't even be called eyes. They looked more like lines. (you know the asian stereotype) His horns were gigantic curving around his face. His carried a long club that resembled a chicken wing. It was probably longer than me and probably weighed more than me too.

With a shudder I ran to help them. I stabbed, and cut and dodged as the psycho satyr swung his club everywhere not checking where he was hitting. I jumped as he swung at my feet and as he brought his club up, I somehow dropped my sword. It clattered to the ground and I don't know if it was some magical force or maybe just my own wacky instincts, but I grabbed on.

All I heard were my frantic screams and the wind roaring in my ears as Mr. Hairy (yeah that's what I'm naming the satyr) swung me around trying to shake me off. I hung on for dear life, my knuckles turning white and my legs flying everywhere. I could hear Percy and Annabeth below me, either telling me to jump off or trying to kill Mr. Hairy while he was distracted. They must've done something cause with a thud, I was on the ground.

"Get up Marissa, come on!" I heard Percy yelling at me and with another thud, I saw my sword at my side. Percy must've thrown it at me. I didn't see Mr. Hairy anymore so I quickly got up, my head spinning and grabbed my sword, running back into battle.

The rest of the battle passed by in a blur. I didn't really pay attention to what was happening. But with a pang of elation I realized that it was all over. Some satyrs were apologizing to anyone that would listen that Dimitrius had forced them to fight. Other satyrs were running away, afraid that they would be hated after what had happened. But I didn't bother to care. All I wanted to know was where was Izzack, Luci, Roxie, Brianna, and Harry? I ran around dodging passed out satyrs and finally found them grouped together by a tree looking around.

For some reason, I hoped they were looking for me.

I jogged up and engulfed everyone in a gigantic group hug.

"Well, we made it," I said, smiling. Izzack kissed me on the cheek.



Alrighty u guys this is a short chapter. I was hoping that it'd be the ending...

what do u think?

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