Percy Jackson Fan Fiction Part Twenty-One

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Soo sorry it takes me like a month 2 upload! I feel guilty!!!!!!!! (wrote that cuz when u have writers block and u wanna write long chapters, it takes a while for the creative juices to flow)

Anyway, I hope u like this chapter. I can tell its definitely gonna be my favorite. Hope u guys don’t get sick and tired of me using script form all the time…

Its hard to write dialogue of eight or seven people…


Marrissa’s POV                

Right as Luci was about to ring the doorbell to the big white beach house, we were gone. Replacing the beach and the big neighborhood, was pitch black. Everything was dark black. We were whisked away. The breath was knocked out of my lungs and I felt like I was falling of a thousand foot rollercoaster. But before the 7 of us could scream out, we had arrived in a place.

Where the place was? I didn’t know. How did I get here? I didn’t know. Why I was here? I had a bit of an idea…

(AUTHOR’S NOTE: Writing this in script form cause it’s hard to write seven people talking…)

Marrissa: WHERE ARE WE??

BREANNA: What is this?

IZZACK: Please tell me this is all a dream. Please tell me this is all a dream…

HARRY: What’s going on?

IZZACK: Please…

SUNNY: I’m scared.

MARRISSA: (finds her way to where Sunny is, picking her up)

DIMITRIUS: Why hello there! Didn’t expect to see you here! Oh wait, I was the one that sent you!!! Haha.

(The darkness clears up, revealing that they gang were all in a room. It was posh and fancy with a red piano and black leather seats. Dimitrius Potluck (evil satyr) lounged on a sofa right in front of where the kids were standing. The room had a gigantic wall window. Where the wall was an entire window over-looking what seemed to be New York.)

LUCI: What do you what with us???

DIMITRIUS: Simple, I’m keeping you prisoner of course!!! Percy and Annabeth are most likely gonna come looking for you and then back at Camp Half-Blood, when the two best fighters are gone, I’ll release all my satyrs and start the battle.

MARRISSA: Percy and Annabeth don’t even know we’re kidnapped! They wouldn’t come looking for us!!

DIMITRIUS: Oh, yes they do. Hecate, my dear, is at this moment sending an Iris message back to camp! I’m a lot smarter than you think.

IZZACK: Why do you want to start this rebellion so bad? Grover and the other satyrs seemed fine with just looking for half-bloods. Why not you?

DIMITRIUS: Those satyrs are young. They think they’re gonna live forever!! Well I know that I won’t. And I’m not going to waste my life looking for un-grateful half-bloods.

HARRY: How did you get us here anyway?

DIMITRIUS: Satyrs used to have a lot of powers. The gods realized that we might one day overcome them. So they took away those powers. But Hecate gave mine back to me. She argued of course, but she would do anything to make sure I wouldn’t hurt little Roxie. Little did she know that I…I…LIED!!!!

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