Percy Jackson Fan Fiction Part Twenty-Two

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Izzack's POV

I finally let go of Marrissa after what seemed like a zillion years. We just stared at each other for a while. No emotion on either of our faces. Harry suddenly cleared his throat.

"If you two lovebirds are done swapping saliva and then romantically staring into each other's eyes, we'd like to escape from jail now," he said, trying not to snicker. Marrissa turned bright red and then quickly walked away from me, leaving me in peace to give Harry the evil eye. He smirked and then turned back to the window which was now clear for us to climb through. Each of us climbed out, leaving me last. I stepped on a piece of brick which was uneven with the rest of the wall and then climbed through, tumbling down onto the cold, hard, cave floor.

"Where the heck are we?" Luci asked no one in particular.

"A cold, dark, and damp hallway with absolutely no light whatsoever," Roxie answered for her,"Did I mention it smells like stinky gym socks?"

"Well we might as well just walk down the hallway. It must have an end right?" Breanna suggested, squinting to try to see through the darkness of the long dark hallway. Dummy.

"Turn on your lamp Breanna," I told her, not  bothering to hide my aggravation.

"Oh, right," she said sheepishly, turning around and grabbing the lamp from where she had put it on the floor behind her. With one click, it turned on. Illuminating a small part of the hallway with pale yellow light.

"Better," I commented and with that last word, our group trudged down the hallway. My legs felt like mud and with every step I took, I wanted to collapse. Was this place enchanted or something? I wasn't tired in the jail cell...

"Hey, check this out," Marrissa said suddenly. She was next to the wall, one hand resting on it.

"What's up?" Luci asked, striding over and putting her hand next to Marrissa's.

"Is this...a button?" she suddenly blurted out, a look of surprise cloaking her face. Before anyone of us could say a thing, she must've pressed this so called button because the wall got pushed in. It pushed in slowly. Slower than I could have possibly imagined a wall to push in. Just as I was about to die of anxiety, the door slid to the left, revealing a room. Inside, on a wooden chair, tied up in a glowing rope was a woman. She was beautiful in a cruel magical way, her hair raven black and her eyes dark and blunt.

"Mom?" Roxie asked reluctantly, stepping into the room.

"Yes, now please just untie me will you?" she demanded impatiently.

"You're a goddess. Why couldn't you do it yourself?" I questioned.

"Magical rope. Can only be undone by a demigod. Preferably one of my own children," she answered, looking expectantly at Roxie. Roxie sighed, sauntering over to her mother and started working on the knots.

After a few grueling minutes, the rope lost its glow and fell to the ground like a rock.

"Great," Hecate said,"Cookies?"


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