Percy Jackson Fan Fiction Part Three

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Actually, I did have to be smart to know what would happen next. I figured Penelope would go to Stage 2 and start cursing at me and all that, but she went right on to Stage 3. That b**** slapped me right across the face. It stung and burned but I sat right there not bothering to get her back.

She smirked and strutted off. I sighed and rubbed my cheek. But stubborn old Luci just couldn't let it go. That headstrong Asian marched right up to Penelope and and punched her.

My first reaction was "OH MY GODS!!!!!! LUCI, DO YOU HAVE ANY BRAIN CELLS IN THAT NOGGIN OF YOURS?!?!?!!?!?" But then, Luci just kept on going. She drew her dagger. It was always really pretty. The blade was Celestial Bronze and the hilt was brown withblood reddesigns. It was a gift from her dad, Apollo.

Penelope drew her sword. Everything about her yelled out "SLUT OVER HERE!!!" and that included her sword. It was Celestial Bronze but the hilt was made of diamonds. Annabeth would say that if you were on the run from something, the diamonds would sparkle and the monster might catch you so a sword like that would be a weapon for "DUMBOS".

But, Penelope was a trained fighter and soon enough, she and Luci were going head to head. Luci was obviously winning, but Penelope seemed really good at playing defense. Everyone around them stood in pure shock.

After I got out of my "in shock" stage, I went into "suprised" mode and then I finally reached "Wait, why is she fighting for me? I can fight for myself!! I'm not a baby!" mode. Why did Luci have to fight all my battles for me? That's not fair at all!

I stood up, and drew my sword. It was celestial bronze and could collapse into a small hair clip. I always wore it. I marched up to Penelope and fought along side Luci. I can definately say that we kicked her sorry behind. When we both were finished with her, she had cuts on her cheeks, arms, legs and her hair resembled an owl's nest.

She ran off crying with her Aphrodite slut friends. Now it was my turn to deal with Luci.

"Luci, I can fight for myself!! You know I'm not that bad!" I told her.

"Yeah, I do. But you weren't doing anything. I thought I'd start and then you could finish!" she retorted. I rolled my eyes. But I wasn't the type to hold a grudge. I can't!! From the day I was born to now, I can't hold a grudge longer than 4 hours. So, I smiled at Luci and gave her a hugwhile thinking about what would happen if Penelope told Chiron.

So, I hoped you liked it. It turns out that some other pplz commented on my story too!! I can't remember their names exactly but there was a theninthmuse and percy annabeth. I'm really sorry I don't remember the other person's name so yeah. But thank you so much!! Comment and vote plz!!!!!!!

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