Percy Jackson Fan Fiction Part Twenty

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Izzack’s POV

By the time Marrissa and I were just about to join the battle again, it was over. Yellow dust covered the ground and the birds chirped like nothing happened. Or maybe they were applauding…

“You guys got potential,” Roxie complimented me, Brianna and Harry. A chorus of “thanks” followed. I looked around and couldn’t see Marrissa and then noticed her at a tree bringing down the little girl. Sunny her name was.

“You guys kicked butt!” she gushed as soon as Marrissa set her on her feet. We all chuckled.

“We should get going, shouldn’t we?” Luci asked the group. We all nodded and started to trudge out of the woods. We got out of the woods quickly and realized we were lost.

“We’re lost,” Harry pointed out.

“NO! I see pigs flying!!!!” Roxie yelled at him and then slapped him playfully on the shoulder causing him to wince.

“That hurt,” he said quietly rubbing his shoulder.

“Man up!” Roxie said with no expression.

“Actually, we’re not lost,” Luci brought up.

“There’s actually a bright green sign up ahead saying five miles to Maceville, Florida Sherlock 1 and Sherlock 2,” Marrissa pointed out. (Author’s Note: I’m actually just making up town names. I don’t know if there’s an actual town…I’m just using the last name (Mace) of my favorite singers!!! Their names are Liz and Megan Mace. Find them on Youtube with MeganandLiz!!!!)

“Right…” Roxie and Harry mumbled in unison. Was something going on here? I glanced at Harry and when he met my eye, I waggled my eyebrows hinting that something was going on. He turned beet red and looked away. Haha.

*5 hours of walking along a dirt road later*

            “Maceville huh?” I asked. The place we all ended up was a surfer heaven. It was entirely made of beach houses and beach.

            “There’s a Hannah and William Miller here. Twins, sorta like you guys,” Marrissa said.

            “Hmm” wondered Brianna.

            “What street?” Harry asked. Roxie glanced at the map.

            “Seashell Street,” she said pointing at a particular spot on the map. Harry leaned over her shoulder trying to take a look at the map. Wonder why…

            “We’re standing right on it,” I noticed.

            “Great. Now what’s the number house?” Luci asked further.

            “34,” answered Harry now three feet away from Roxie for some reason. Do I sense some drama going on between the two???

            “We’re standing right in front of their driveway,” Marrissa pointed out, nodding her head towards a huge white beach house right in front of us.

            Luci nodded and said, ”Let’s go.”

I'm beginning to really like Izzack...I don't know why. But PRAY 4 JAPAN!! Its so sad what happened...dontcha think?

Have an awesome weekend people!!

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