Percy Jackson Fan Fiction Part Thirteen

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"A little longer Sunny, hang in there," Roxie whispered to Sunny while letting her piggyback ride. We were walking through Florida looking for the next neighborhood and all of us were about to die from the heat. Sunny whimpered and clung on tighter to Roxie. I gripped my book bag and hers while Luci was busy looking at signs and the map and running up to people for directions.

Our Progress Status: 0%

We were all sweating waterfalls. I had to take off my camp t-shirt because of the heat. Boy am I glad I had a tank-top under it. Roxie and Luci did too. But we felt the worst for little Sunny. She had long pants instead of shorts and her t-shirt was thick. Her hair was so slick with sweat, I think if you took the elastic hairband out of her hair, it would stay in its ponytail.

"Can we just take a break?" I asked Luci. Luci threw her hands up in defeat.

"We're fifteen miles away from the next city. And, there are approximately zero taxi cabs in sight. And if you guys haven't noticed we're on the freakin' highway!!!!!" Luci yelled out.

"We have to do something,"Roxie pointed out,"I'm dying over here. And I don't think we want Sunny to pass out."

"How about we go under some of those trees," I suggested. Beside the highway was a pretty dense forest. There was some thick trees. But what I was afraid of were the insects and animals in there...

"We don't have a choice do we?" Luci asked. Roxie and I shook our heads in unison.

"Let's go, let's go!!" Sunny pleaded.

"Let's go," Roxie said and we all headed towards the trees.

We found a big one and plopped down beside it. The leaves didn't shade us from the sun but it was better than walking along side the highway. I fed Sunny some water and a Quakers granola bar and then we rested for a few minutes. Luci spent the whole time studying our map.

"Alright. Either Hecate likes Florida guys or she just magically transported most of her kids to Florida to make it easier for us," Luci suddenly said.

"At least seven of her kids live in Florida," I said when Luci showed me the map.

-Brianna Lovett

-Izzack Lovett

-Ruby King

-Haley Parker

-Hannah Miller

-William Miller

And then there was Sunny who we already picked up. Sure it sounded easy, but they were scattered all over Florida. None of them too close to the other. Then there was a kid who lived in Kansas!!! How in the world are we gonna get her?? This was harder than I thought.

"We should get moving," Roxie said packing up her stuff. I nodded and gathered up my stuff. Then I thrusted my bag to Roxie and took Sunny.

"My turn," I said. Roxie sighed in defeat and took my bag from my hand.

"This way," Luci said and we followed her back to the side of the highway. The sun had settled down a bit so I estimated that it wasn't noon anymore. We walked endlessly ignoring the fact that the sun was out to kill us and that people thought we were hobos.

"How many more miles?" Roxie asked. Luci shook her head and mumbled,"If you knew, you'd just quit."

"Come on!! It can't be that bad!!" Roxie insisted. Luci shrugged and then turned around.

"We have to walk 13 more miles. In the sun. On the side of the highway," she said making her eyes go wide and her words getting louder and slower at the end. I groaned. This was gonna take a while.

-----------------------------------------13 miles later----------------------------------------

"We're here," Luci announced. We had walked ourselves thirteen miles. In about two hours. Not bad...I think. We were in a little town in Florida called Summersville. We were stepping into a little neighborhood called Victoria Pointe. The houses were Victorian styled and had pretty tulips in front of every house. Finally we stopped at:

13 Wisteria Lane

Brianna and Izzack Lovett

Here goes nothing.

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