Percy Jackson Fan Fiction Part Eight

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Hellhounds. Hundreds of them. They gathered around the little boy like ants. He was cornered against Thalia's Tree. He had nowhere to go. Nowhere to hide. When Roxie, Luci and I arrived at the scene, we rushed into it immediently. We slashed and hacked but it seemed to easy. Not a single bruise or scratch or scrape appeared on our bodies and hellhounds were dissappearing by

the second. Something was wrong. Somebody was toying with us.

Roxie's Point of View

This was too easy. WAY too easy. I  never expected my first real battle to be like this!!!! Suddenly, the boy and all the hellhounds disappeared. The hill was quiet and serene again. I didn't know what was happening. But I don't think it was good. Marrissa and Luci ran over to me.

"Something's wrong," Luci stated.

"Somebody's toying with us," Marrissa added. I nodded my head. What's happening? Okay, let's recap. We were chilling on top of Zeus's Fist. Some little kid was being attacked by hellhounds so we went and helped him but the fight was too easy. Then, everything disappears and-

I stopped in my tracks. A lady had appeared in front of us. She wasn't flesh. More of like a vision or those Iris email things that Luci told me about. The woman was young and beautiful. Not in the supermodel way where everything was perfect and they looked like a statue. Not in the natural way where its natural and truly beautiful. But beautiful in a magical, almost cruel way.

The woman was obviously in her late twenties mabye early thirties. She had long, curly jet black hair that reminded me of Marrissa and coffee brown eyes like Luci. She had a slightly pointy nose and sharp features. She wore a simple sleevless black dress that fit her beautifully. She was perched on a scarlet throne. Surrounding her was a room. Probably a throne room or something with knights by her side and in a few corners. The floor was a creamy white tile and the room had sort of a magical glow. Finally she spoke.

"Hello Roxie," she crowed. Her voice was sweet and magical with a hint of a French accent. But the first thought that struck me was, why did she adress me first?? I'm not special. Marrissa's a child of the big three!!! Isn't she more important than me??

"Who are you?" Luci asked.

"Child of Apollo. I never had anything against you kids until he started making those haiku poems," the woman said and then shivered when she made the comment on Apollo's haiku poems.

"Are you going to answer her question?" Marrissa urged.

"Fiesty daughter of Poseidon. Haven't seen that in a while. Hmph. I'm Hecate."

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P.S. When I don't write "Somebody's Point of View" that means it's in Marrissa's point of view. This story is supposed to be in First Person. KK???

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