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Hey you guys, so I believe that PJO is coming to a close. So I guess this is it huh? Well I'd like to thank everyone who commented, voted and fans because those little things mean the WORLD to me. Also I'd like to say that I will be uploading a BETTER story after this because my fan fics tend to SUCK. So I'm no longer writing fan fics, but I have a BRAND new story idea that I intend to write and I wanna know if you guys will like it or not. The story description is put into a story so if you go to my profile page and look under my works you should find it. If anyone cannot find it then just message me and I will message you the description. Btw I'd also like to apologize for the period of time where I was not uploading and kept you all waiting for months. Maybe that's why some old fans left?? I don't know, but I'd still like to thank everyone for encouraging me to write and giving me feedback and ideas! I feel proud that I managed to finish a story even though (in my opinion) it was absolutely terrible. And trust me, I'm not saying that for sympathy or attention, I truly do not like this fan fic and how I wrote it. :/

Well I hope you check out my new story, it'd mean a lot to me! I did consider doing an epilogue for PJO but decided against it because PJO is not like Harry Potter, and I could not think of any ideas or anything for an epilogue, so you guys just use your imagination!! Plus if any of you are wondering about the comment contest for Chapter 21, I'm calling it off cause someone totally spammed it and the person who spammed it was one of my BEST FRIENDS and I don't have the heart to delete all her messages. :( Anyways if you decide to stay with me even though I'm no longer writing PJO but writing original story ideas now, than I WOULD LOVE YOU FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER!!

Much Love,


(I used annabethchaseLOL because thats the name I started with and the name that you guys had known me with but if you wanna...)

Much More Love,


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