Percy Jackson Fan Fiction Part Twelve

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Roxie's POV

34 Cheery Town, Rainbow Street, Orlando, Florida

Sunny Baker

Marrissa, Roxie and I read from the map. We were still flying in the air on the pegasi and hadn't goteen anywhere near Florida yet. Or is Virginia consider near???

Anyways, Luci had come up with an idea. It would be so much easier to travel on the ground then on pegasi. That way, we won't have to go back to camp everytime we come across the next child of Hecate. It made sense even if it was a little more dangerous. It'd save us time and it'd help the child of Hecate train if we came across any monsters. We'd be traveling in a large group, yes but when we come across anyone near camp, we'd drop the ones that we had, off. Simple.

The sun was bright and vibrant as we neared Florida. The clouds got fluffier and prettier in every way. We saw outlines of cities and little tiny cars. But what we saw the most, were trees. Trees everywhere! Finally we were above Disney World. Everything seemed so happy and carefree. I swooped down a little closer to the ground and spotted people trying to get into Stitch's Great Escape. Man, I loved that ride. Then, I spotted Tigger and Pooh getting a picture with an Asian family. There was a little boy, a girl maybe around eleven, a mom, and a dad.

I heard Marrissa call my name and then I went back up next to Luci.

"I think we're getting near Cheery Town," Marrissa yelled over the wind.

"How do you know?" I asked.

Luci pointed down at the ground and I followed her finger. I'm such an idiot. There was a huge pink, purple and sparkly blue decorated sign that said in big gold letters,"Welcome to Cheery Town, where we'll make you cheery!"


The three of us swooped down and landed in the cover of some trees behind a house. Marrissa told them something and then they flew off. We were left alone. The trees were suprisingly tall considering the fact that these were the trees behind somebody's house. And they lived in a neighborhood too!

The three of us didn't have to bother hopping any fences since this house didn't have any. We just snuck around until we reached the sidewalk.

Oh gods. The houses were either pink, light blue, purple, lime green or a bright bright yellow. Is this some kind of joke?

"Over there," Luci said. She pointed to a house across the street, two down to the left. It was a light blue and had matching flowers. There was a mocha colored minivan and a red sports car parked in the driveway. The three of us marched towards it.

I took a deep breath and rang the doorbell. I heard it chiming inside. Then I heard giggling. Then a low, deep voice. Then a scream. Then, the door swung open.

Luci's POV

The door swung open and revealed a dude about our age maybe a year older. He had shaggy brown hair and glass green eyes. He was tall and his shirt showed off his muscles. He smiled a dazzling smile and asked,"Yes?"

"We're looking for Sunny Baker," Marrissa said. I smiled.

"Sure," her answered,"You guys her friends or something?"

"No," I said. He nodded and then walked off. Roxie turned towards me and Marrissa and grinned.

"HE IS HOT!!" she whisper shouted. Marrissa rolled her eyes and I smirked.

"Don't you guys think so?" she asked.

"Sorta?" Marrissa said.

"Maybe?" I said. Roxie rolled her eyes and turned around just in time for the dude to come back and invite them in.

"Oh, by the way, I'm Tyler. Tyler Baker," he said. Roxie gave him a huge smile and then she walked side-by-side with him into the house. At least the inside was better than the outside...

"Hi!" a man said. He looked like an older version of Tyler. Perfect resemblence. Same eyes, nose,  mouth and build. Wow. Never saw that before.

Suddenly a little girl walked in.

 She had long light brown hair and bright blue/green eyes. She didn't look much like her father and brother(I'm guessing) but looked pretty all the same. She wore pink jeans, pink sneakers, and a pink t-shirt that said "Daddy's Little Girl". She had dimples and was just about the cutest thing ever.

"Hi!" she said happily. She seemed like the kind that was always optimistic and never upset.

"Honey, this is hard to take in, I know. But we need to take you to camp," Marrissa said gently.

"What?" she asked.

"Your a demi-god. Your mother is the goddess of magic. You have to come with us," I tried saying.

"Is this about the monsters?" she asked. Oh great. She's only seven and already has monsters coming after her.

"Yes. There's only one place where you'll be safe from them," Roxie said.

"You guys were sent here by Hecate weren't you?" the dad asked. We nodded. He leaned down, whispered something to the girl and looked up at us.

"You guys can take her. But if anything happens then I'll kill you," he said. We nodded again.

"I'll go pack some of her things," Tyler said and then he ran up the stairs.

"Hi Sunny," I said to the little girl. She grinned at me showing her pearly white teeth. Good girl. Tooth fairy's proud of you.

Tyler came down a little while afterwards with a little backpack. He placed it on her shoulders.

Both of the guys said good-bye and then we took Sunny by the hand and led her out of Cheery Town.


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