Random Note from Author :)

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Soo, most of ya's might be wondering y da heck I'm not uploading but writing a stupid note. WELL!!! The reason is...im bored, the next chapter is sorta IN PROGRESS and im bored. did i say that twice...? anyways, wats happenin my peeps?? all lik, 41 of u's???


okay so lets get a bit more serious,

i havent been uploading that lately cuz ive been going through some draama at school :( and i have about ... 5 big tests comin up that i am positive imma fail?!?!?

so there ya have it

i realy dont know what to say

but that the next chapter, their might be some PERCABETH?!?!

I <3 Percabeth

their so PERFECT together!!!

I HATE Rachel and Percy. HATE HATE HATE


im bored X)

does anyone think its totally cliche when u hav like the BIGGEST crush eva on this AMAZING dude who u're positive likes ur BEST FRIEND?? even if she denys it??? i think thats totally cliche

no reason i asked that, just cuz


(\   /)



AWESOME huh?? huh??

one time i caught a fish, n then whil i waz in da middle of taking a picture with it, somehow, it just flew off my string

i sat on my brother's teddy bear today

it went to da "Hospital for Bears"


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