Percy Jackson Fan Fiction Part Sixteen

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(I'm gonna tell you guys when its Marrissa's POV so I don't confuse you with all the other POVs)

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Marrissa's POV

I can't believe this guy is so difficult!!

"Dude, get a few brain cells!" Izzack suddenly bursted out,"We're telling you the truth but you're too stubborn to realize it!"

"No, I'm just smart enough to know that these bozo's are lying!" he shot back, throwing his cards into Izzack's face. I could sorta tell he was mad. He clenched his jaw and his fists. It looked like he was restraining himself. But that thought didn't last long.

The two boys went flying!! Izzack on top of the Harry guy. He scored several punches to Harry's nose, gut, stomach, face, arm, shoulder and the place where the sun don't shine if you know what I mean. The two rolled around on the tile floor while Harry's mother was screaming at them both to stop.

"Izzack stop," I bursted out,"You're hurting him!"

"He deserves it!!" he shot back. Izzack stopped for a hundredth of a second and I took that as a chance to grab him and pull him off of the Harry guy. I wrapped my arms around his waist and just happened to feel his six pack...

But I snapped out of it as soon as I could and pulled him off of Harry. I pushed him towards his sister and then took a look at the Harry guy. He looked awful. Who would've known that Izzack had so much strength?!?! His face and arms were covered in huge purplish blue bruises and there was a huge scar that went from one ear, to the other.

"Harry, hon, I think they're telling the truth," Harry's mother said slowly to her son.

"You too?" he shouted at her,"I didn't think you would fall for something so stupid!!"

"Harry," his mother pleaded.

"Just forget it," he spat and then he went deep into the mobile home and slammed a door shut.

"I'm sorry," his mother said to us.

"It's fine," Luci said,"We'll just take a moment outside. We need to have a serious talk."

"Alright," Harry's mother said,"I'm going to try to convince him. I believe you guys. My husband...I can tell he was one of those Greek gods."

"We'll be back maybe tomorrow or in a few days," Roxie said. The women nodded and we walked out the house.

(Author's Note: This convo is gonna have a lot of people talking so I'm going to write it in script form)

Luci: How can that be his mom?

Marrissa: Stepmom??????

Roxie: I don't think so.

Brianna: You guys, I think your theory about Hecate is wrong.

Sunny: How?

Izzack: Well for starters, Brianna isn't my real sister. Her dad found me on the street. 

Brianna: I like plants. Izzack isn't like that.

Izzack: I'm a sporty guy.

Brianna: I don't think we have the same godly parent.

Sunny: Magic scares me...

Marrissa: How is this possible?

Luci: We were......?

Roxie: Tricked.



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