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Love At First Sight by Junmingg
Love At First Sightby JG
[Best Ranks: #1 in #Riordan/#25 in #Percabeth] Percy Jackson is already the most popular freshman at Goode High School. His life comes easy, stable family life, friends...
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Fierrochase Stuff Book 1 by cherrypoohbear
Fierrochase Stuff Book 1by changing.
Want to read my more recent stuff? I have a part 2! // Basically a (near) bottomless pit of fierrochase · dank memes, fluff and headcanons · Highest Rank: #367 in fanfic...
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The waters of Chaos ~ A Percy Jackson Fanfiction (on hold) by My_blue_tardis
The waters of Chaos ~ A Percy My_blue_tardis
Percy Jackson, hero, friend, idol to many, saviour of olympus. Also the heir to the universe, the great primordial, Okeanos-angelos (or sea angel). Made heir to the univ...
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Not Your Hero ✔ by DemonsFromAbove
Not Your Hero ✔by DemonsFromAbove
Athena said Loyalty will kill him. Loyalty will kill. Maelstrom will destroy. Mystique will torture. He is Perseus, the worst of them all. ----/----/----/----/ His name...
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Cold Hearted Blame by imastupididyut
Cold Hearted Blameby imastupididyut
He was cold hearted as he blamed her for something another person did. It was not until after he abandoned her alone in a part of the country that was nearly barren and...
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- Greek, Egyptian, Roman and Norse!? - by Reading_Universe
- Greek, Egyptian, Roman and ~Well_Okay~
In The Rick Riordan Universe, Roman and Greek Mythology meets Norse Mythology Enjoy! I am aware that there is Egyptian Mythology too, but unfortunately I haven't read th...
  • chase
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Percy Jackson Broken (Avengers Crossover) by AnonymousWriter195
Percy Jackson Broken (Avengers AnonymousWriter195
Percy Jackson is found by the Avengers in his lowest state. All he wants is to die, but of course the Avengers won't allow that. DISCLAIMER: All of they characters in th...
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Goode Luck by Dazed_1344
Goode Luckby Dazed_1344
Annabeth transfers to Goode High to surprise Percy along with many of their friends from Camp *Rights to Rick Riordan*
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The Daughter Of Night by live_life_with_books
The Daughter Of Nightby Em
1st Place in the Percy Jackson Wattys 2018 * '"So it's settled then." Zeus said, "In order to solidify our truce with Nyx Apollo will marry Nyx's demigod...
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The Good and The Bad ~ Percabeth by tumblingupwards
The Good and The Bad ~ Percabethby mama
Ten books, however many slain monsters and too many action-packed years later, things have finally settled down for Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase. Well, as "sett...
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Mortals Meet Demigods No Mist / Meet Percabeth Percy Jackson Fanfiction by PercyJacksonGreek
Mortals Meet Demigods No Mist / Abi
These are scenarios where there is no mist and demigods are being revealed. I also do Meet Percabeth! Thank you all for reading, honestly so much. I never expected this...
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Percy Jackson and the Dark Elites by Hiisilija
Percy Jackson and the Dark Elitesby Hiisilija
RUIN IS COMING Gaea is dead, Kronos is gone, and Camp Half Blood is finally peaceful. Too peaceful for anyone who's smart. Secrets are revealed, boundaries are tested...
  • riordan
  • biancadiangelo
  • percy
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Stoll Her Heart: Tratie's Story by readingdirection5
Stoll Her Heart: Tratie's Storyby readingdirection5
//// I sigh and look off into the distance. The darkened hills disappear into the mist and mix with the color of the sky filled with gray clouds. "It's a long story...
  • gods
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  • travisstoll
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Percy Jackson at Hogwarts by Echo1974
Percy Jackson at Hogwartsby Echo1974
Percy Jackson and all his friends just came out of the Giant war. Harry Potter and his friends just came out of the Wizarding war. Everybody thinks they can finally rela...
  • demi-wizard
  • floopowder
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Goode To Be Back by Dazed_1344
Goode To Be Backby Dazed_1344
  • percy
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  • rick
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Seaweed Brain Forgets... by Dazed_1344
Seaweed Brain Dazed_1344
What would have happened if Percy didn't remember Annabeth when Hera took him away? What would have changed? And what about Reyna? I guess you'll have to read on to find...
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Tidel Wave Nico Di Angelo x Reader  by MaliaReeds
Tidel Wave Nico Di Angelo x Reader by Malia
Completed (: Warning: this is my first work! To me, it's kinda cringe but I need to edit it. (: kinda cliche I guess. You are 15 years old and the only half-blood that...
  • romance
  • wattys2018
  • fan
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Stage Lights (Solangelo AU) by Bane_is_Bae
Stage Lights (Solangelo AU)by Trip
All his life, Nico di Angelo has dreamed of being a New York City musical theatre actor - and after years of hard work, he makes it, and life couldn't be better. He's st...
  • pjohoo
  • riordan
  • broadway
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Show Me The World by BroadwayBook_Nerd
Show Me The Worldby Nerdy by Nature
ANNABETH is coming to Goode High for her senior year. She moves around a lot and her step mother abuses her. She is always the school nerd and has had no friends since f...
  • wattys2019
  • familyproblems
  • percabeth
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Architecture d'un aquarium (vol. 2) by iamantares
Architecture d'un aquarium (vol. 2)by ǝɔǝɔ
[TERMINÉE] [AU - percabeth] Volume 2 d'Avion de papier Sept ans plus tard, Percy se retrouve associé à un projet de construction d'un aquarium en Californie dans la vill...
  • solangelo
  • annabethchase
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