Percy Jackson Fan Fiction Part Five

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Malcolm's intense gray eyes bore into mine making my knees buckle. But then he smirked so I regained my confidence and glared at him back. My eyes darted away from him to look at Percy for a secondand he took that chance to attack. Curse those smart Athena kids!!!

But, I wasn't a complete knuckle-head so I deflected. I dodged his second attack and then began to get in some of my own. I realized that Malcolm seemed to be better at playing offense so I continued attacking him until we were both panting with sweat dripping off our foreheads. He wasn't a knuckle-head either so he didn't take his eyes off mine.

He stopped moving for just a millionth of a second and I took that chance. I cut his wrist and then did that disarming technique thingy. I brought my sword up to his and then twisted until he lost control and dropped his sword. Fast as a cheetah I scooped up his sword from the ground and put it behind his neck while my sword pointed at his chin.

Eventually, Percy and Annabeth clapped and complimented us. Why they complimented Malcolm I don't know. I disarmed him first didn't I?? Who knew a 14 year old could do that to an Athena guy who was older??? I gotta admit I was suprised at myself. The rest of class was watching others try to disarm each other and Percy called me up a couple times. Three times I got disarmed and two times I disarmed.

Eventually, Percy and Annabeth dismissed us for lunch and I met up with Luci at the entrance to her cabin. We always walked to the dining pavilion together before we split up to go to our table. Annabeth never got in trouble for sitting at the Poseidon table so why did Luci?? Things in this world are never fair. Nothing's fair really. It wasn'tfair that my mom had to get fired from her job as a receptionist at a hoteljust because her boss's girlfriend wanted that job. It's not fair that my mom was forced to marry a rich buisness man that beat her by her selfish, greedyparents. It's not fair that Poseidon had to leave her in the first place.

But I shook my head of the thought. My mom tried her best. She learned to keep her mouth shut around Owen and look for jobs with nice bosses. She tried to support the family while Owen was in Las Vegas starting it up with ladies and using up all the money he had in poker and blackjack.

I tried too. In the summer, before I came to camp, I would help our mailman, Joseph, for five bucks a day. He was a nice guy and he needed the help. So I took that oppurtunity. Lucky for me, I go to camp all year round nowso mom doesn't need to pay for my education anymore. And, she divorced Owen and moved to a small apartment. Plus, she got a job at the local nail salon. Camp Half-Blood saved us both I guess.

I was thinking about all this when Luci sprinted up to me.

"Ready?" I asked.

"Yeah, sure. I'm starving. Let's go!" she answered. But then we heard soft rustling behind us. We turned around in unison and there she was. In her high-heels and skirt and bundles of jewelery. The ultimate slut of all time. Penelope.

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