Percy Jackson Fan Fiction Part Eighteen

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What'd u guys think of the twist???

I was gonna upload earlier but decided that I wanna make this extra long for you guys, so I bet the day I start typing this will be a long way away from the day I planned to upload it.


Sunny's Point of View


"So, the Greek gods are all real?" Harry asked. All of us were walking down this really busy road. I think Roxie called it a parkway or something. But why would someone call it a parkway when there are tons of people driving on it??

                "Yep!" I answered cheerfully from Izzack's back. It was warm and hard for some reason. That's weird. Daddy's back was warm but softer...

                "Here, Izzack, I'll take Sunny for you," Marrissa offered Izzack.

                "No, I'm fine," Izzack protested. The two argued about who should carry me until Marrissa finally gave up. Then her face got red. What is that called? Daddy used it once...plush? No...blush!! Yeah!! She blushed!!!

                "You blushed!" I suddenly yelled out. Marrissa blushed even more after that. Did I do something wrong??

Marrissa's Point of View

                I blushed furiously next to Izzack. I could tell he noticed too. Oh, gods. It didn't help that Sunny blurted it out either. It just made the situation worse...

                The side of the parkway wasn't any different than the side of the highway. Loud with the sound of rushing cars, smelly with the smell of gas, and tiring under the heat of the sun. All in all, not a very pleasant experience. I can't even imagine how Izzack must feel. He was carrying a seven year old on his back!! Not to mention she's carrying a little backpack that weighed just a tad more than it was expected to weigh. The seven of us stumbled along the highway trudging through the thick grass. Suddenly, a car pulled over right next to us and the window slid down.

                It was a pitch black Honda Pilot. The windows were gleaming in the sunlight and the wheels were perfect looking. (Author's Note: Sorry you guys, I don't know much about cars except for the fact that I want a Ferrari...)

                "Need a ride?" the person inside asked smoothly. He had a huge, long nose and a bed-head as well as crooked yellow teeth. But at least he had a heart right? Now I know what my mother taught me. Never talk to strangers. Never follow them into their cars. Never go near them. But we had no choice unless we wanted to many miles again? Oh I remember now. Forty-five.

                Our gang seemed to be thinking the same thing cause faster than you could say 'sassafras', we were all piling up into his car. I mean, come on! We're demigods! I think we can handle ourselves if long nose-messed up hair-crooked yellow teeth man attacks us right? Izzack and Harry climbed into the front sharing the shotgun seat. How they managed to do that, I don't know. But that left the five of us in the back. I sat by the window with Sunny on my lap and the girls beside me. We were all squished but we had to take precautions. The very last row of seats in the back had no door. We'd have to climb and if we needed a quick escape, it wouldn't be very convenient.

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