Percy Jackson Fan Fiction Part Twenty-Four

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Thanks to all the people who commented on my last upload! It's nice to see new people reading even though my regular fans are disappearing...ahh well i hope u enjoy this chapter im finally back on track and ready to continue this story. hope ur all having a nice summer!

btw re read the last chapter if u wanna recap i dont have much time 2day so this chapter's gunna b short.



Marissa's POV

Right after the words floated out of my mouth, Dimitrius appeared behind all of us. We whipped around quicker than possible and immediately pulled out our weapons.

"I'm not that stupid you know," the fat satyr drawled.

"That's right, Dimitrius. You're stupider," Roxie shot back, her voice leeking with venom and her eyes vicious.

"Dude what is your problem?" Harry asked.

"Well..." Dimitrius went into his "satyrs taking over the demigod world" speech and while he was distracted, I pounced and grazed his furry arm with my sword.

"You talk too much," was the last thing I said before all of us attacked Dimitrius. I felt a twinge of sympathy for him due to the fact that he was unfairly out-numbered. But it's not my fault that he's an evil satyr right?

I cut him everywhere, his face, his legs, his arms. The others messed around with him pulling on his horns and cutting his fur with scissors. (apparently Harry carried those around).

"Hey! Not the fur! PLEASE!" were the only words he could choke out. The rest of us laughed and then pushed him against a tree and ran for it.

We ran and ran and ran and ran as if our lives depended on it. We ran throught the forest, stumbling and tripping on roots and leaves.

I held tightly on to Sunny's hand whispering encouraging words in her ear. She was soon out of breath and finally gave up all her little pride and begged to stop. I didn't know how much time had passed, because it seemed as if we had been running for years.

"Please Marissa! I wanna stop!" Sunny started to cry. I halted and everyone else did the same.

"How are we gonna get back Marissa, we're lost and I don't think we can run anymore," Luci choked out between breaths. Roxie nodded vigorously in agreement panting heavily.

"Please do not tell me that those are flying horses," Brianna suddenly said, her eyes glued to the sky. I looked up and between branches of the trees above us I saw little cracks of blue and a couple of black birds.

"Brianna, I don't see anything," Izzack said, his eyes intent on studying the blue blanket covering us. Before Brianna could respond, I gasped. Those black birds weren't black birds. They were pegasi!!

"Marissa! It's pegasi!" Roxie cried out.

"What?" Harry asked, his forehead wrinkled like a crumpled piece of paper.

"Pegasi, they're flying horses," Luci answered him. Everyone's eyes were pasted on the sky and those little black dots which were becoming bigger and bigger and until you could tell that they were most definitely not birds. With a flourish a bunch of pegasi touched down right in front of us. On two were Percy and Annabeth.

"Hey you guys!!" I exclaimed rushing forward to hug my half-brother and his girlfriend.

"Hey Marissa," they both greeted me and gave quick introductions to the newbies.

"So Grover just told us that there's some kind of satyr rebellion going on and he sent us to find you guys," Annabeth informed me.

"Grover knows?" Luci asked.

"Yup, everyone at camp is preparing. G-Man told us to find you guys cause some dude is holding you prisoner or something," Percy added, "But apparently we found you and you're not prisoners."  Percy grinned.

"Yeah just get on the pegasi, we have to get back to Camp Half-Blood as soon as possible. We don't know when the satyrs are going to attack. Grover's trying to reason with them right now," Annabeth said. On that happy note, I took Sunny and climbed on a pegasi with her. Luci and Roxie hopped on smoothly, but Percy and Annabeth had to help Brianna, Izzack and Harry. After a few falls and strings of curse words, everyone was settled and the pegasi took off.


After what seemed to be a lifetime, I saw the outline of camp under us. We touched down smoothly and I hopped off my pegasi and carried Sunny down.

"Do you hear that?" Izzack asked. I listened carefully and I heard metal clashing against metal and screams.

"They've attacked," I cried.

"Alright, Marissa, you take Sunny to the Aphrodite cabin. Everyone else follow Percy and me we have to join the fight immediately." Annabeth ordered like a general. Everyone scurried off, me towards the Aphrodite cabin. I could hear girls chatting in there. Obviously not helping with the attack. I kicked open the doors, threw (not literally) Sunny in giving orders to a pretty Aphrodite camper who was painting her nails by the door and hurried out.

Now. Well now I have to join the fight, don't I?


So you guyss i kinda hate this chapter, it seemed rushed and un detailed and I just dont like how my story turned out AT ALL. i wrote it terribly in my opinion. but im goin to try to finish it just for u guys and then write a BETTER LONGER and BETTER story afterwards. vote nd comment if u liked it!


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