Percy Jackson Fan Fiction Part Eleven

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Marrissa's POV

The door opened and there stood a guy about seventeen or older, who looked like a trashbag. He didn't just look like one, he was wearing one. The guy had sandy colored hair and blue eyes. (Author's Note: Kinda pictured Luke for the guy.) He was wearing skinny jeans and black converse but I couldn't see his top because he had a trashbag covering that part. There were holes for his arms and everything. To be honest, the guy looked like a hobo. Well, except for the fact that he lived in the nicest house in the neighborhood.

 Nah, he still looked like a hobo. He crossed his arms and glared at us.

Then, in the childish voice ever, he screamed,"Daddy!!! Some weirdos are at our door!"

I almost LOL'd at that. Us? Weirdos? Have you took a look in the mirror lately? Wow....

"Move it, Eugene," I heard a shrill voice yell out and then a girl aproached the doors. The guy pouted and walked away. I took a look at our map.

45 Elm Street, Misty Pines. Mays Landing, NJ

Elizabeth Taylor Giovani

Roxie leaned over my shoulder, saw the map, turned back to the girl and said,"Are you Elizabeth Taylor Giovani?"

"OH MY GOSH!!! You guys are from Camp Half-Blood and your taking me to camp right?" the girl bursted out.

"Lemme guess, your a Percy Jackson and the Olympians freak?" Roxie asked. The girl vigourously nodded and then Roxie rolled her eyes. Probably thinking,"So was I, but I don't think I was this bad."

Yep. I guessed what she was thinking. I was probably right too. I feel so smart!!

But then I saw why Roxie probably rolled her eyes. This girl was completely decked out with Percy Jackson gear from head to toe. Her t-shirt had a picture of Percy inside a heart (which Annabeth will NOT like), her pants were doodled on like Rachel Elizabeth Dare's and her shoes were combat boots like Thalia. She had a 'I love Percy Jackson' baseball cap perched above her mouse brown hair. Her eyes were a stormy, gray like Annabeth's but I think they were contacts.

"I already have everything packed, I've been waiting for this day since the day I finished reading the series which was July 24th, 2010. (Author's Note: I don't know if the series actually was completed that day I just made the date up.) Lemme get my bag and you guys can take me!" Elizabeth said.

She ran up the stairs and Luci asked,"How in the world are we gonna deal with her?"

"I was a Percy Jackson fan too but I don't think I was that bad!" Roxie said. LOL, I guessed right!

Then, she came back down with a backpack slung across her shoulders and yelled,"Bye, mean abusive father, I'll see you never!!!" And with that, we all ran out the door and down the street. We heard Elizabeth's dad yelling in the background but ignored it. Finally, we reached the four pegasi that camp promised to send to us.

"Yes!!! Yes!!!! Yes!!!! Pegasi!!" Elizabeth cried out and then she hopped on one. Roxie rolled her eyes and hopped on another. Pretty soon, all of us were airborne and souring through the thick, fluffy clouds. Mmmm, they reminded me of cotton candy. Or whipped cream.

Finally, we came across Camp Half-Blood. Elizabeth almost fell off from excitment. It was weird cause she had never flew a pegasus before but seemed to manage. She probably rode horseback or something.

"Ok, so just swoop down there and tell Chiron, "The magic lies within me." and he'll help you out," Luci instructed Elizabeth and then off she went screaming like a maniac.



Ok, so I need some people to make up some characters for Hecate's children. I need at least eleven. Just make up a character. It can be any gender and you can give the character a personality and everything. Leave me a private message or you can comment. Thanks!!! Sorry, this chappie couldn't be as long as I hoped. Need some more ideas for Hecate's kids.



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