Percy Jackson Fan Fiction Part Seventeen

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(Continue the Conversation)

Marrissa: Who would trick us?

Roxie: The satyrs I guess.

(Everyone bursts out laughing)

Izzack: Yeah, right.

Luci: If you two aren't related, then how come you're twins?

Brianna: We're not. Look closer.

(Luci, Marrissa and Roxie look closer)

Izzack: Our hair color is the same and our eyes both change colors.

Brianna: But our noses are different. Izzack's is a little pointier.

Izzack: My lips are thinner too. And Brianna's ears stick out just a tiny bit more.

Marrissa: I see it.

Brianna: Most people think we're twins though, so we just play along.

Izzack: I don't know my parents. Or my birthday. But I have hazy memories of a woman. I think she was my mom.

Roxie: Then someone definitely tricked us.

Luci: But who?

(End of Conversation)

Third Person Point of View

Suddenly, in front of the group, an Iris message popped up.

                "It's an Iris email-thingy!!" Roxie blurted out.

                "Iris message," Luci corrected. The message looked more like a TV screen. On the screen was a satyr. He had a huge stomach, gigantic horns and tiny little beady eyes.

                "Humans think they're soooo much better than us," the satyr complained.

                "Who are you?" Brianna asked slowly.

                "Dimitri Potluck. Satyr," he answered with a bored tone.

                "You tricked us didn't you?" Izzack questioned.

                "Took you long enough to find out," he spat.

                "Why did you trick us?" Marrissa asked, "Don't tell me it was a source of entertainment."

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