Percy Jackson Fan Fiction Part Nine

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Roxie's POV

"Woah!! Back up right there lady!!" I yelled. How can this woman be Hecate? Well, she could be, but it's highly out of the ordinary. Plus, what does she want with me?? AGH!!!

"Yes I am, now, daughter, calm down," Hecate soothed me. But her words caught me off guard. Back up right there. Daughter? Did she say daughter?? No way am I the daughter of the goddess of magic. No freakin' way. I REFUSE TO BELIEVE THAT!!!!!

Marrissa took my thoughts and made them come out of her mouth. "You're Roxie's mom?" she asked,"How is that possible? How come the other gods didn't find out about her sooner?"

"Because I am careful and almost as wise as Athena herself. I kept Roxie hidden," Hecate said. I thought about this. Wait, what? I still don't get it. I don't remember my mom at all!!

"Honey, that's because I erased your memory. And I can read minds so be careful what you think," Hecate suddenly burst out. Oh, well that's just great this weirdo woman who claims to be my mom can read my mind too.

"I told you to be careful what you think, Roxie. And I not only claim to be your mother, I will prove," Hecate smugly stated. Then she created another mist ball next to hers and in it was me. I was in my house. My living room, my pajamas. I remember this day. Some woman had visited dad and gave me a hug and a new Barbie.

Then it dawned on me. That woman was Hecate. She was the woman. I believe her now. I am the daughter of Hecate.


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