Chapter Seventy-One

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‘you really heard all of that?’ I laughed as he wiped away my tears.

He nodded. ‘every little thing’ he laughed.

‘shit! I thought she was just saying that to make me feel better’ I laughed.

‘yeah I did not appreciate the nickname ‘Coma Boy’ ‘he laughed.

‘aaw I like it!’ I grinned as I sat crossed legged at the end of his bed as he sat up. He winced in pain. ‘so how are you feeling?’ I smiled a little.

‘hole-y’ he laughed as I did.

‘but are you like in pain?’ I asked, it hurt me to see him hurt.

‘well I have these sore spots on my face where it feels like someone hit me with a ping pong ball’ he smiled.

‘oh … damn Lexi, she’s quite the menace at ping pong!’ I laughed. ‘yeah but one of those hits got you a point!’ I grinned.

‘honestly, inside my head, I was laughing so much at you and Ryan’s attempts to wake me up’ he nodded laughing.

‘yeah Ryan’s were … something else’ I smiled brushing my hair out of my face.

He gasped and brushed it further out of my face, ‘Molly what happened to your face?!’

‘oh it’s nothing’ I laughed and looked down.


‘I got it when Donny pinned me against the wall’ I laughed trying not to relive what happened.

‘he did what?! When was that?!’

‘when I went out to get my keys, I guess just before you ran out to find me’ I looked down.

He did the same, ‘Molly … what actually happened?’ he asked innocently.

I sighed, ‘Justin I really don’t think you want to know’

‘I do’

‘your sure?’

He nodded.

‘well I went out to get my phone, but Donny was waiting at my car. He started to shout at me so I tried to run away. But he grabbed my arm and threw me against the wall.’ I looked down, it was still painful to think about it. I saw Justin clench his fists. ‘but then I got away, came running inside looking for you but you had already left to find me. So that’s when we ran out and saw you … and Donny’ I sighed.

‘and I stopped you from coming any closer’ he nodded.

‘yeah, then the police came and … well then he ..’ I looked down as I tried to find a sensitive way to say it.

‘He shot me?’ Justin laughed.

‘yeah that’ I laughed.

‘what happened after that?’

‘well, I ran over to you, you got blood all over my good dress!’ I laughed.

‘oh I’m sorry’ he laughed.

‘then the paramedics and police came, and then they took you away from me, so I basically fought against Ryan and a police officer to get to you, but needless to say they won. So we drove straight here, all waited in the waiting room and then I came into see you, then your Mom, then me and Lexi and the rest is history’ I smiled.

‘woooooow’ his eyes widened. ‘did they catch him?’

‘umm … yeah, yeah I had to go identify him in a line up thing’ I looked and clasped my hands together to stop them form shaking. I obviously didn’t hide it very well.

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