Chapter Fifty-Three

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'these cookies, I know!' I grinned running over and grabbing the box, taking out another cookie.

'no, the people' he laughed softly, 'but yeah these cookies are like edible sex' he laughed taking a cookie.

'so you think they're the ones?' I smiled finishing my cookie.

'Yeah, yeah I think they are' he grinned.

Lisa came in. 'so, how did it go? You guys pick anyone?' she beamed, sitting on the couch opposite us.

Justin nodded, 'yeah, we really like Ella and Buzz' he smiled.

'alright then, you can take their file home with you and eventually we'll set up a trip for you to go check out their house' she grinned walking out of the room. Justin and I grabbed the cookies and went out to his car. We were about to start driving when Justin's phone beeped. He looked down at the message.

'hey, I’m gonna need to go down to the studio to meet Scooter, is it okay if I drop you off at the hotel and then go straight away?' he smiled as we set off.

'yeah, yeah, of course' I smiled.' I’ll be in anyways, so I’ll look through this file' I grinned as we drove into the parking lot of the hotel.

I hopped out of the car, 'see ya' I smiled shutting the door. I walked towards the hotel. Suddenly I felt someone push me gently against the wall. I looked up it was Justin, he was pinning me against the wall smiling.

'what kind of a goodbye was that?' he laughed softly.

I looked down and laughed softly, when I looked back up Justin was pouting waiting for me to kiss him. I smiled, kissed his cheek then ran into the building laughing before he got the chance to catch me.

I flicked through the file as I waited in the lift. These guys really were perfect. The doors opened and it was silent. There was a note on the TV.

'Mollster, both had to go but if you need ANYTHING just call us (: Demi & Christian xx'

I smiled and took the sticky note down. I looked at the coffee table, Demi had left A Walk To Remember and Bambi. That girl loved a good cry. I put A Walk to Remember in and settled down on the couch.

It was almost the end and I still hadn't shed a tear when I heard the lift ping. 'I'm Home!' I heard Justin shout. He gasped, 'is that a Walk to Remember?' he sat down next to me.

'yeah' I laughed. It was the bit where Jamie collapses.

'why aren't you crying?' he said, I could see tears glistening in his eyes.

'because I’m not pathetic, I don't cry at films' I laughed.

'you don't cry at films?! What about ET?' he said, I could see him trying to stop himself crying.

'actually the little alien makes me feel sick' I laughed softly.

'Bambi! You must have cried at Bambi?'

I shook my head, 'nah'

He gasped, 'you, Molly Fraser are dead inside!' He smiled.

'shut up!' I laughed punching his arm, 'how was the meeting?' I smiled.

His face turned serious, 'about that ...' he looked away.

'what? just spit it out' I laughed.

'well the label dropped you from the tour for right now, and I have to go do the Antarctic, South Africa and Australia shows without you' he said in one breath, putting a pillow in front of his face when he finished, in fear I would hit him.

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