Chapter Sixty-Nine

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I only woke up when I heard someone come in the door. I shot up, ‘Justin?’

I rubbed my eyes, they were still a little fuzzy, given that I was half asleep.

‘Nope, just me I’m afraid’ Pattie shrugged. She has Lexi in her arms.

‘Oh my god Lexi! I’m so sorry I completely forgot that I left her lying on Justin!’ I stood up and fixed my hair, I could feel it sticking up.

‘No. no don’t worry about it, she was fine. I’d actually say happy.’ she looked down. ‘but I took her for a little bath, got her diaper changed and everything, so she’s good as new’ Pattie smiled.

‘thank you’ I said softly.

‘no problem’ she smiled and put Lexi in her carry seat which was opposite Justin’s bed. I went over sat next to them both.

‘did anything happen during the night?’ I looked at the clock it was 10 in the morning.

Pattie shook her head, ‘Nope, I spoke to some of the doctor’s but that’s about it’

‘what did they say?’

‘he’s expected to stay like this for at least a couple of weeks’ she looked down.

I put my arm around her and sighed. ‘Pattie, can I ask you something?’

‘anything’ she smiled.

‘do you think he’ll wake up?’

She just stared at me. ‘Molly, honey, I don’t know. I want him to, of course I do. But I really don’t know.’

I sighed. ‘that’s how I feel.’ I looked down at my dress. ‘If you don’t mind I’m just going to go get changed.’

‘of course, I’ll be here, I brought your cases, they’re in the room next door’ she smiled. I walked out and along to the next room. Pattie had unpacked everything and folded it all neatly. The sign on the door said private, so I guessed they’d given us this room to stay in while Justin was in here. I grabbed a white cotton tunic dress that had elastic at the wait so it came in a little. I pulled on a pair of leggings and grabbed my uggs. I kept the corsage on my wrist, and my bracelets. I cleaned off my ring and kept it on too. I pulled my hair up and walked along to Justin’s room. As I did a nurse stopped me. It was the one from last night.

‘Molly! Your face!’ she said shocked. I had had my hair down last night and it must have covered where my face had been cut when Donny slammed me against the wall.

‘oh yeah’ I laughed softly.

‘Molly why didn’t you say?! That’s gonna need butterfly stitches!’ she sounded like a Mom. I followed her to her office. I flinched a little as she cleaned the wounds and put the stitches on. 15 minutes later I was back on track to Justin’s room.

Pattie was sitting playing with Lexi.

I laughed as they played, Lexi was sitting smiling away. ‘ hey Pattie I’ve been thinking’ I said as I fiddled with my ring.

‘yeah?’ she kept playing with Lexi.

‘well you know how the nurse said that he can hear us perfectly fine?’ she nodded. ‘well can you imagine what it’s like for him just sitting to us crying?’ she stopped playing with Lexi and looked over at him.

‘it must be horrible’

I nodded, ‘and it’s not exactly gonna help him get better if all we do is cry and be sad’

‘no, you’re right. So what do we do?’

‘we act as if he’s actually awake and that he’s fine. We go about things as normal.’ I smiled.

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