Chapter Twenty-Nine

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I shut the little blind and tried to forget about all the shit I was going home to. My crazy cake-making mother, Layla Gordons and my least favourite - Donny Sullivan. But it was okay, I had 5 and a half hours to brace myself.

‘Should we get you a nappy for this flight? I mean we don’t want a repeat of last time’ I laughed over to Justin.

‘Oh haha, that’s so funny!’ he grinned, trying to act serious but he ended up laughing. We calmed ourselves down and Justin curled up in a little ball on his seat and started going to sleep. I flicked through the movies, it was all the same ones as last time. I sighed, this was so boring.

‘Oh yeah, come with me to Atlanta, we’ll have so much fun on the flight’ I whispered mocking Justin, glaring at him as he slept like a log. Maybe Justin will have something fun in his bag. I picked up his backpack onto my knee and unzipped it. The first thing I saw was a pack of sharpie’s. Oh this could be fun, I grinned to myself.

I took out the black and red ones and wrote ‘I’ , drew a big red heart next to it, then underneath I wrote ‘M F’ I grinned proudly at my work and took out my phone. I took a picture of me smiling next to Justin, who was blissfully unaware of what was on his face. I got bored again within a matter of minutes, so I took out the remaining green and blue ones and wrote ‘Douche’ in big blue letter’s on his forehead and ‘Molly Loves You’ on his cheek in green. Satisfied with my masterpiece I took out a curby grip and pinned his fringe back. Then I got my phone out again and started to take pictures. I took ones of just him at all different angles so that you could get the full experience of what I had written on him. Then I leaned in next to him and took one of me smiling next to his sleeping face, one of me looking as if I was about lick his cheek, one of me kissing his cheek and one of me poutting and pointing to him. I laughed quietly as I flicked through them.

These were too good to keep to myself. I went on to my twitter, I hadn’t been on for like a week. I clicked on my mentions and they were full of Justin’s fans. It was a mixed response, some were like ‘you two make a good couple’ and then some were like ‘Imma kill you bitch‘. I laughed at how pathetic they were as I made my twitter private and made sure that only friends followed me but I probably missed a few. The gang must have already been on twitter because they were all following me. I uploaded the photos from the flight and within 2 minutes people were commenting.

@ddlovato - Haha! Wish I could be there, missing you already honey :’(

@KatyPerry- I Just lol’ed ;)

@LilTwist - Be sure to get one of his face when realises, Fraser!

I laughed as I read through them all. But I stopped when I read the last one.

@Dylan_94 - Molly! You wouldn’t happen to be on the 4 o clock flight from Atlanta to Canada would you? (:

I smiled to myself, my physical attraction to him was gone, but he was a nice guy and I really wanted to be friends, of course I never thought I’d see him again, I thought it would be a text every now and again.

@Molly_xo - @Dylan_94 you big creep! Are you on this flight too? :D

@Dylan_94 - @Molly_xo shut up! But yes I am! Take a trip down to Coach (:

I stood up quietly and squeezed my way past Justin, careful not to wake him up. I didn’t need him kicking the shit out of Dylan again. Most of the people on the flight were sleeping so I tip toed towards the little curtains and pulled them back to see all of coach class staring at me. I grinned nervously as I looked around for Dylan. He stood up laughing and waved me over. There was a free seat next to him so I sat down.

‘Hey stalker’ I grinned.

‘Shut up! This was pure coincidence!’ he laughed back.

‘I didn’t know you were from my neck of the woods’ I smiled sitting back in the seat, but still facing him.

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