Chapter Fifty-Six

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'So are you okay?' Rihanna smiled from the bottom of my bed.

I nodded, 'yeah, the painkillers help. But I’ve been better' I laughed. They laughed back.

'You guys wanna see my scar?' I grinned.

They all nodded and smiled. I lifted up my shirt to show them the big one. They all gasped and there was a resounding 'ohh!' filling the room. I laughed.

'I know isn't it attractive?' I looked down.

'It's gorgeous' Rihanna smiled.

I looked up and grinned at all their happy faces. I felt tears in my eyes.

'What's wrong are you in pain?' Joe said looking concerned.

I looked up and smiled, 'no ... No I'm just so glad you guys are here' I laughed a little.

They all said aaw and hugged me again. I wiped the tears from my eyes.

'I really wish Justin was here' I said quietly. 'I miss him so much'

'Have you spoken to him?' Nick asked softly.

I shook my head, 'apparently we can't get a hold of him, Antarctica is more important.' I snapped. There was silence.

'sorry, pain does this to you' I laughed. 'I just want him here ... I feel so vulnerable missing him and with the ... Incident.' I looked down again.

'Molly, we're here for, no one is gonna hurt you with us here. No one. Rihanna smiled as she grabbed my hand and squeezed it. The rest of the group nodded and agreed.

I wiped my eyes. 'Okay you guys, do you all want to head to Justin's and I’ll meet you there?' I smiled.

They all left and a nurse helped me change into clothes Demi had brought. I had showered and had my bandages changed earlier. So I was good to go. Walking was easier but it was still tiring. Christian and Demi helped me out to the car.

The drive home was pretty silent. Demi sat in the back with me and Christian drove. We came to the parking lot and as we drove past where they had attacked me I grabbed Demi's hand. She squeezed it reassuringly and smiled at me. Tears were welling in my eyes just thinking about.

'shhh, you're okay' Demi smiled and she wiped the tears from my face. I hopped out the car and we all got in the lift . As soon as the doors opened the crew all shouted. 'welcome home and Happy Christmas Eve Eve' I grinned and ran at them hugging them all at once. It hurt like hell but I didn't care.

'You guys! This is amazing!' I squealed.

'glad you like it!' Twist grinned.

'Hey Molls we were wondering, we could take you Christmas shopping if you want, I mean we all need to go' Jasmine smiled.

'I'd love that! I need to get all your gifts' I smiled. They helped me downstairs and we all clambered in one massive car.

On the way we all sang Christmas songs as loud as we could. This was just what I needed. I was still smiling when we broke off into our groups. We all split up so what we got each other would remain a secret.

I had to stay with Demi though, partly because she insisted, partly because I needed help getting around and partly because I can't deal with being alone yet.

We shopped for 7 hours. Fighting through crowds, queuing for ages, picking carefully etc. However it was a productive day out. I got Nick a new pair of Ray Bans. I bought Joe new converse, Twist a chain, Jasmine some Hollister stuff, Rihanna a new Gucci bag, Katy make up and even managed to pick Demi a Tiffany's charm bracelet and a few charms without her noticing. Then in came to Justin. What to get him? I would know if he was here. I got him a watch, supras and a few pictures from the tour that I got blown up and put on canvas.

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