Chapter Twelve

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I punched his arm as I hobbled into his penthouse. ‘You are soo cheesy’ I laughed. I stopped to take a look at the huge suite I was in. Justin laughed as he threw his bag onto the couch. This place was huge, there was one huge window going all around the whole sitting room, giving an amazing panoramic view. It was so clean and modern. Damn. It put my house to shame. There were huge black couches all facing a tv so big, you could use this place as a cinema. I crutched over the big double doors and stepped outside onto the terrace. There was a dining table, a barbeque, a pool and even a fricking hot tub. I hobbled back in to see Justin laughing at my face. I swear my jaw was dragging along the floor.

‘Dude, why the hell did you move back to shitty Canada?’ I laughed.

He laughed, ‘I know this place is amazing, but the people in Canada are better’ he grinned. ‘So, we’ve got like 6 hours til we need to be on the carpet, so run upstairs, well I’ll pick you up and run for you’ he laughed, ‘and get yourself changed, I’ll get someone to unpack for you, and we’ll head out to get you a dress and me a suit’ he smiled as he took my crutches, and threw me over his shoulder.

‘you know, this shoulder is becoming like my second home’ I laughed as we went up the stairs.

‘yeah, well don’t get too comfy, its only while your leg is mangled.’ he laughed as he opened the door to the room I was staying in and threw me onto the bed.

‘see you downstairs in 10’ he shouted as he ran down to the hall to what I could only presume was his room.

I stood up and picked up one of my cases. I half expected to find everything literally thrown in my case, since Justin had packed it. But to my surprise, everything was folded neatly. I took out my denim shorts that were just a little longer than hotpants, a dark blue vest, with an indigo one layered on top. I put my right dark blue hi top on, obviously I couldn’t wear a shoe over my cast, and I slid myself down Justin’s banister.

I stuck the landing and smiled proudly. Just as I picked my crutches up Justin came through. ‘You ready to go?’ he smiled.

‘ready’ I grinned back.

We got the lift back down, climbed in his car and drove to some shop. Part of me was worried sick, because he’s a guy and guy’s don’t know how to pick dresses, but I didn’t know any shops in the area so I was gonna have to trust him. We walked in, it sold both dresses and suits.

‘soo how do you wanna do this?’ he asked.

I thought it over for a minute, ‘weeeelll, it’s always good to have a second opinion right? And I can tell you from a girls point of view and you can tell me from a guy’s point of view, so how about we go around together.’ I smiled.

‘Sounds good to me’ he grinned as we started walking around the huge shop. I picked out a few suits for him and he picked out a few dresses. After an hour we decided we go try them all on.

‘You ready?’ I shouted over the dressing room door as I pulled the zipper up on the side of the dress and looked at myself in the mirror. This one was actually really cute, it was a kind of peachy, light pink colour and looked as if it was a strappy vest, tucked into a frilly skirt but it was all one piece. There was a silver, chunky bead necklace hung on the coat hanger that I was obviously supposed to wear with it, so i put that on aswell. It showed off my skinny tanned legs and it didn’t cover my cast, but I sure looked hot in it.

‘okay, I’m out, tell me what you think.’ he shouted, as I went on my tippy toes and peered over the door.

‘wow I have good taste’ I smiled. I had picked out light blue skinny jeans, a black shirt, and a grey blazer. Something wasn’t quite right though. I swung my door open and started to fix his sleeves, rolling them up, completely forgetting what I was wearing.

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