Chapter Fifty-Seven

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‘What are you doing here?’ I laughed as he still held onto me.

‘What am I doing here?! What am I doing here?! Oh I don’t know, coming to see if the rumours that my girlfriend got stabbed were true!’ He said seriously. He still hadn’t let me go.

‘Oh yeah … yeah they’re true’ I said as I sat down on the couch behind me.’ Why are you dressed like an Eskimo?’ I laughed.

He was wearing a huge puffy jacket, snow boots and like 50 layers of clothes. I know he was worried sick about me but I had honestly moved on. Talking to everyone about it helped. And they helped me realise that it happened but it’s over. I’m okay. I’m safe.

‘What?! Molly what happened? Are you okay?’ he sat down his face was still serious and I could see pain I his eyes.

‘well first of all, yes I am obviously okay’ I laughed. I know he cared and I know he couldn’t get any contact in Antarctica but the fact of the matter was, he wasn’t here when I was going through it and I’m over it now.

He didn’t laugh, ‘secondly you didn’t answer my question and thirdly do you really want to know?’ I said softly.

He just stared at me. I sighed, ‘it’s a long story so listen carefully okay’ I smiled a little. Bringing this up is painful, remembering everything that happened.

‘Well we had decorated the house for Christmas and there were boxes everywhere. So I decided to take all the trash downstairs. It was like 3 in the morning and Christian was set on not letting me go by myself. But I’m a big girl and I didn’t want anyone babying me. So while he was unzipping himself from his sleeping bag I grabbed the stuff and ran into the lift.’ he was just sitting taking it all in, holding my hand. I had missed how my fingers fit with his.

‘So I went out with my trash bags and there were a group of guys, about out age. So I didn’t think anything of them’ I took a deep breath in and looked down at my wrist. ‘So I tried to get past them but they blocked me. So basically they tried to ‘mug’ me but I was in my jammies so I didn’t have anything. Well except for my phone but that was in my bra and they weren’t getting there’ I laughed a little. Justin didn’t his grip on my hands tightened, he just kept staring at me. I could still see hurt in his eyes. ‘So they threw me against the wall, I may have said some things that really didn’t help the situation, one of them punched me, so I kicked him. I’m actually pretty sure I broke his ribs. Then …’ the next bit was still hard to say, I hadn’t found a way to laugh at that yet. ‘well that’s when I realised that the guy had a knife. The next thing I knew he had stabbed me and I had collapsed because of the pain’ tears started to roll down my cheeks. Justin pulled me towards him and hugged me. He kissed the top of my head.

‘Molly … molly I don’t know what to say, I should have been here …’ he was at a los for words.

‘Wait I’m not finished, this is the happy part’ I sat back and wiped my eyes. ‘well okay maybe it’s not the happiest story but basically, Christian found me, phoned an ambulance, called Demi and stayed with me, all without ever letting go with my hand. Then I was in hospital for 9 days, I lost like 3 pints of blood and apparently you only have like 10. So now I’m left with these’ I let g of his hand and showed him my stomach. His eyes widened. Then I showed him my wrist. His jaw dropped.

‘yeeah, I know’ I said nodding.

He pulled me back into a hug. ‘Molly why did you go out by yourself?!’ he said shakily. I could tell he was trying not to cry.

‘I really didn’t expect this to happen now did I?’ I laughed.

‘are you in pain?’ he said quietly. Still not letting me go.

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