Chapter Twenty-Six

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I turned around to face Caitlin, still laughing. She was rubbing her face as she got back up.

‘Jeez Caitlin, will you watch out? You almost popped my beach ball’ I grinned as I bent down to pick it up. Justin and Rihanna sniggered as I threw the ball back to Nick who was also still laughing.

‘I almost popped your ball?!’ she screeched coming up so close that she was almost right in my face. ‘It hit me in the face!’

‘Well then why didn’t you move your face’ Rihanna said raising her eyebrow at Caitlin.

‘I wouldn’t have had to if you’d caught the ball!’ Caitlin hissed, squaring up to Rihanna. She’s gonna regret doing that.

‘Maybe I didn’t want to’ Rihanna laughed in her face.

‘More like it was too difficult for you’ Caitlin spat.

‘Look you god worshipping, horse loving little bitch I swear to God, you back off from Molly and Justin and don’t even dare start on me or I swear to god you’re gonna have whole lotta hell on your hands, capiche?’ Rihanna smiled before taking my hand and Justin’s and leading us over to everyone else and handing us each a drink.

I looked over at Justin and we both burst out laughing.

‘You have no idea just how much I wanted to hit her’ Rihanna grinned, ‘But I knew she was your friend Justin so I held myself back’

Justin turned to face her, while me and Rihanna watched Caitlin storm off rubbing the right side of her face which was now bright red from where the ball hit her. ‘Oh no! please don’t let me hold you back’ Justin laughed, ‘if she was a guy I would have already done it’

I burst out laughing as Rihanna and I lay down on the blanket and started sunbathing. Justin ran off into the water and joined in the water polo with Christian, Twist and Nick. We sat watching the guys play water polo talking about how hot they all were, laughing and chatting in general. Suddenly We No Speak Americano came on and for some reason everyone came over and all started dancing together. Katy grabbed me up and we started to dance together. We all danced together on the beach, taking loads of pictures, more drinks were poured and we were all a little drunk, some more than others *cough* Justin *cough* but it didn’t matter because by the time it got dark and we decided to start the camp fire, we were all wasted. But unlike Taylor’s party, if anything it improved the atmosphere and since it was the last night it made my party even greater.

‘I finally get to use my fire pit’ Justin grinned as he lit the fire. He was a funny drunk, cracking jokes and making a fool of himself, although if you looked at him or listened to the way he talked, you’d never guess he was drunk. I spent most of the might on Justin’s knee with his arms around me, getting performances from everyone, roasting sausages and marshmallows on the fire, taking pictures with everyone and opening presents. It wasn't my birthday til tomorrow but I didn’t give a shit.

‘This one if from me and Russell’ Katy grinned as she passed me a medium sized box, all tied up with a huge pink bow. I opened it, there sitting amongst a mother load of pink glitter confetti was a brand spanking new iPhone 4. I gasped.

‘Katy! Oh my gosh I love it! But that’s too much’ I grinned standing up and walking over to hug her.

‘Don’t be silly! It’s actually more of a gift to me, because it now means that I can Face Time with you because I’m gonna miss you so much after this’ she laughed as she hugged me tight. I sat back down next to Justin as Jasmine came running over.

‘happy early birthday’ she smiled, handing me a small pink gift bag. I reached my hand inside and almost died when I pulled it out. ‘You got me a Louis vuitton purse!’ I screamed running over and picking her up as I hugged her.

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