Chapter Thirty-Six

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I stepped back, as the producer hit the wall and put a sign against the window, it read : ‘Get your asses out of my studio, your time is up’

Justin and I laughed as he helped me over to my crutches. ‘So .. Now that we’re back on, will you let me take you to the hospital to that checked out?’ he laughed as we walked through the mall.

‘No! If we go to the hospital they they’re gonna put a bandage on me and tell me not to put any weight on it, to just sit in a corner. And the last time I checked, performing on a world tour, doesn’t comply to those rules.’ I looked down.

‘But you can’t even walk on it, you’re meant to be off of your crutches now!’ he walked in front of me and held my shoulders.

‘No! I don’t care if I’m meant to be off my crutches right now! Look the only thing I care about right now is getting a double bacon cheese burger, fries and possibly buying a new bracelet.’ I smiled as I crutched into burger king.

He groaned then laughed as he followed me in. ‘You, Molly Fraser, could be the weirdest girl I have ever met, your leg is flapping open, you’re risking like gang green and death but all you want is a burger?’ he asked as I sat down in one of the booths.’

‘No!’ he smiled triumphantly, ‘ Actually I wanted a bacon double cheeseburger, jeeze keep up Bieber’ I laughed. He shook his head and laughed as he walked up to the desk, I put my fingers in my mouth and whistled, everyone in the store jumped, Justin turned around, ‘I wouldn’t grudge a milk shake either!’ I smiled and shouted.

Justin came back with two of everything. I was so hungry, I shouldn’t have skipped those pop tarts, I tucked into my burger as if it was the last meal I was gonna get before I went into concentration camp. Justin was staring at me as he ate his food.

‘what? what, do I have something on my face?’ I asked as I finished up and took a sip of my milkshake.

‘no it’s just … you have the body of a girl, but you eat like an overweight guy!’ he laughed.

‘you know what, I’m gonna take that as a compliment’ I laughed as we stood up and left.

‘So we still have an hour here, before we have to go catch our flight, what do you want to do?’ he smiled as we strolled along the mall.

‘Wait where are we flying to?’ I asked stopping in my tacks.

‘Oh my god I completely forgot to tell you! Well as you know it’s a world tour, and we’re kicking it off in no other than Egypt!’ he smiled, ‘we’re getting a flight to Atlanta then changing over to get on our Egypt flight. But! I have one hour of you all to myself and I would rather like to make the most of it’ he grinned. ‘So it’s up to you.’

‘well at the risk of sounding cheesy, have you realised that we haven’t actually had a date?’ I laughed.

‘Shut up! Oh my god, we actually haven’t!’

He laughed as we sat down on the bench. ‘We call ourselves a couple’ I laughed.

‘Okay, so first date, no pressure now’ he laughed.

‘Oh my god! I mention the D word and you go all boyfriend on me’ I laughed.

He laughed, ‘Your right, sorry. Look there’s an arcade over there, we could go do the cheesy photo booth thing’ he smiled.

I looked up at him, ‘Yeah, that sounds good’ I grinned and nodded.

We spent the next hour playing games at the arcade, laughing and sitting on his lap in the photo booth. Justin’s phone beeped just as were getting all of the strips from the machine. I smiled as I looked at them. There were ones of us kissing, him kissing my cheek, me kissing his cheek, ones of us laughing like idiots.

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