Chapter Forty-Four

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'Alright missy' Lana smiled. 'explain all your options and we'll go through them all'

'well I love him, more than I can even explain, I mean I’d do anything for that kid' I smiled. That set Louise off crying again. 'But I know what its like when your parents don't live with each other, how it feels having two different families and I don't like Caitlin but that baby is Justin's too.' I said quietly.

'But he said that she gets laid easier than concrete, it could be a number of guys' right?' Lana smiled.

I laughed softly, 'I know Caitlin, she's only a whore for Justin ... it's definitely his' I was trying to hold back tears.

'Honey it's gonna be okay' Karla said smiling.

'it's not though' I sighed wiping my eyes. 'okay lets look through my options ladies' I smiled.

'Option 1 - you stay with him throughout this all. Its not gonna be easy, it's not gonna be nice sometimes but you love him isn't that worth it? I mean he's gonna need you' Karla smiled.

'or Option 2 - you've been through enough with this girl. And like you said that kid needs a Mommy and a Daddy, every kid does, and Justin is that Daddy. He may not like the mother but he's gonna love that baby the minute he sees it. it'll be tough to leave him, but honey you know what you got Demi and the crew and you got us, we'll get you through it' Kerri smiled.

I sighed, 'well with option 1 I get to still be with Justin ... But I’ll be making him choose between me and his baby and I don't want to make him choose, I can't do that to him, that would just destroy him.'

They all nodded. 'But option 2 - I have to break up with him. Not only would that kill both of us but I would have to watch the only boy I ever loved, have a family, a family that I wanted with him, with some girl he hates.' I sighed and rested my head on Karla's shoulder.

'You really love him that much?' she smiled as she put he arm around me and hugged me. I nodded and tried to hold back my tears.

'More than any person in this world. My mom and dad aren't exactly parents of the year, in fact they don't even care about me. He's the only one who loves me and takes care of me, you'd think he'd hate it but he loves it.' I smiled as they all started crying too.

I laughed, 'would you look a us! We're in Jail for a variety of horrific charges and we're sitting crying?!' they all wiped away their tears and laughed as well.

We all sat and thought it over for about 20 minutes before Kerri spoke.

'What about option 3' she smiled.

'Honey there wasn't a third option' I laughed.

'No I know!' she giggled. 'I just made it ... What if we combined the two - you said your Mom doesn't care and that Justin is the only one right? And that you want to stay with him? And that you didn't want to sit back and watch him create a family with that bitch?' I nodded vigorously.

'well, my little sister is obsessed with Justin so I happen to know that he has a house down here right?' she smiled'

'yeeah he has penthouse, it's huge and not to mention gorgeous' I said hesitantly.

'well, Justin has a right to get shared custody of that baby, meaning the time is split fairly according to ability to be a parent, which I’m guessing Justin doesn't lack. So I’m sure he wouldn't object to you both moving down here, baby proofing that penthouse, he gets shared custody of the child, meaning you get it either weekends or whatever therefore, you stay with him, he gets to see his child, you help him out and you get to be a part of the little family' she grinned proudly.

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