Chapter Fifty-Nine

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'soooo, you never told me, how was the Arctic?' I smiled at him as he started looking out clothes.

'snow, snow, Eskimo’s and some more snow' he laughed.

'That’s it?!' I frowned. 'no penguins, no polar bears, no whales?'

'I saw a seal' he shrugged and laughed.

'I can see that at the zoo Justin.' I tilted my head. 'You really never saw aaanything amazing?'

'well, I was gonna but I spent the remainder of my trip in an airport and running around the gigantic slab of ice known as Antarctica trying to find signal so I could call my girlfriend who has absolutely no sense of danger' he smiled.

I laughed softly,’ and you didn't see anything when you were running around?! No photos?! And I actually do, I'm just accident prone' I smiled triumphantly.

'Nope, no photos, I was texting you most of the time. And you call almost getting raped by Donny, slipping on cake and breaking your leg, getting a black eye and 6 stitches in your arm and getting stabbed accident prone? Molly you are a walking hazard.' he laughed.

I thought it over. 'yeah I suppose so, maaan I have some bad luck' I laughed as I walked out his room and along to mine.

I got changed into black leggings, pale uggs, a white t shirt, checked shirt and a hoodie. I pulled my hair into a bun and put a little make up on. I popped my pills and made my way down the stairs. Everyone was already waiting.

‘Lets do this mofo!’ I smiled. ‘Oh oh wait! We need a picture’ I laughed. I rested my phone on the shelf and put it on the timer. Everyone smiled and the flash went off. It was perfect. We were all laughing as we climbed in my car.

‘Ooh it smells like new car!’ I smiled as I put the key in. the key ring was a picture of us all from camping.

We were all smiling and laughing and singing and had a great time at sledging. It was even better that Justin was there this time. The food Katy and I made turned out amazing and was probably the best Christmas of my life.

We ate and ate and ate till we all fell asleep. In fact I’m pretty sure me and Demi fell asleep first, on the couch as we watched White Christmas. I smiled as I fell asleep, Justin was back, It was Christmas and all was good. I fell asleep a very happy girl.


I yawned and stretched as I sat up. ‘aaargh!’ I screamed as I did, I had completely forgot about my staples and it felt like someone was ripping them one by one. They must have just left me down here on the couch, because it was just me and Demi down here.

Demi shot up, ‘what?! What’s wrong?!’

‘Nothing, I just over stretched’ I laughed.

She laughed back yawning, suddenly there was a rumbling sound. ‘Was that your stomach?’ I laughed.

She nodded and got up to look in the kitchen for something to eat. We had eaten everything last night. She sighed, ‘ hey it’s 10am fancy driving me to the store in your fancy new car to get groceries?’ she laughed.

I nodded, ‘can you be bothered getting changed?’ I looked at us both. I was still in leggings and my tee, Demi was in joggers and a hoodie.

‘Nah, we both look casual anyways’ she laughed. I laughed back as I grabbed the keys and we got into the lift.

‘Soo did you enjoy Christmas a la Molly?’ I smiled.

‘Yeah! It was like the best Christmas ever!’ she laughed.

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